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I have become thoroughly dissatisfied with my apartment. My main problem is with the rent. My rent has gone up three times in less than two years (once at renewal and twice for “median-income adjustements), but I’ll get back to that later. 

I’ve been, as you know, looking fo ways to cut costs and improve financially, Well, when I came home to this latest increase, I decided enough was enough; it was time to move. An increase of $50/month in less than two years is more than I can afford, if I’m ever to get financially poised to take on the future. Maybe it’s time to have consider roommates, too (more on that later as well).

The best option seems to be a complex I didn’t know was an option. I thought it was student housing, but it turns out they will accept non-students as well. Rent includes cable, internet, electric, water, sewer & trash, and local phone service. All of these amenitites included and it’s still less than I pay for rent (with basic cable included))–nearly $100 less. Not to mention the internet , gas, and electric bill (yes, my apartment has both…in Florida…clearly I am being taken for a ride!).

Of course there is the drawback that the apartments are all 4/4 (4 bedroom 4 bathroom).

Here are my pros and cons:


  • more mone for savings, paying off loans faster, & treating Mr. P more often
  • less stress/ less due dates to remember and payments to schedule.
  • no more late fees  because I forgot a payment
  • less space to be responsible for keeping clean (not a biggie, but it is a plus.)
  • slightly closer to work (and we all know how that ewxtra 5-10 can be the difference between on time and late some mornings)
  • TV in my room (I only have the one)
  • a safer gate system
  • I could afford extras again (XM radio, pedicures, hair salon every now & again)


  • possible temperature wars (again)
  • sharing fridge space
  • living with three other people
  • other people’s boyfriends (or girlfriends in this day and age)
  • other people’s friends
  • possibly living with people who don’t work full time and have no real concept of not being able to just skip the next day if they are kept up all night.
  • waiting for the washer/dryer to be free to wash clothes.

I talked to my mom and Pink Susie to see if they had any new insight. The only thing they both said was that it was a lot of roommates. My mom lamented sharing a kitchen and refridgerator with other people. My aunt wondered what would happen to the couch and loveseat I have (it’s fully furnished). Mr. Perfect sees the monetary benefits (and stress relief, ability to work towards a debt free future) and thinks I should do it, at least for a year or two; after all, it’s not forever.

What do you guys think?

P.S. I know I’ve missed some days…bear with me. I’ll fill them in.