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I was off from work today!! Hand clap for that one! It was supposed to be a refreshing day of getting things done, but it didn’t quite work out that way. I managed to get quite a bit done, though, so that’s always nice. I FINALLY opened up my second checking account (to be used as savings) at a bank offering you $100 gift card for opening a checking and putting $100 in before sixty days, so I will have a cool two hundred dollars to start my savings! Also, in order for it to be free, I either had to  use the card 5 times (not helping me save) or have an automatic deposit at least once a month, so I am going to set it up (for now) for about $20 per check, and set aside some of the money I get from Gladys each month to get the balance up to something more useful. The goal is to save until I get enough  a) to put some of that into a regular savings account/money market/CD b) to start savings for an emergency fund, and c) save up for moving expenses such as security deposit, app. fee, “administration fees,” etc.

The apartment search is depressing me. No one knows what they will have when I will be moving yet, the prices should go down but are RIDICULOUS now, and all the really nice places cost way too much. Everything is simply reinforcing the notion that I do not make enough money.

I meant to get all of the loan things squared away today, but that did NOT happen. I did get all of my Father’s Day cards off. I opened the account. I paid my phone bill. I looked at 9 apartment complexes. I found a dentist that is close and takes my insurance (would have made an appointment, but they were closing and the woman was shooing me out). I think I was rather productive.

Random: Listening to the warnings on Mirena…I’m keeping that nonsense so far away from my uterus, you do not even realize! Coming through the uterine wall? Life and fertility threatening pregnancies? It could possibly come out? What in the world?! I’d rather risk it with the pill or condoms, I’m just saying.

Random: Okay, I’m watching “Say Yes to the Dress” and this woman came to the bridal blowout sale and bought a dress and she doesn’t have a fiancé! She has a boyfriend, whom she lives with, but has no idea when he will pop the question. I am so not that braze, or that nutty. Let the man propose first! I’m not picking a wedding color or a flower type before I get proposed to, let alone a ring or a dress. I’m not getting myself all excited just to be let down. But she got a fantastic deal. I hope I don’t get stuck on this show, or Battle of the Wedding Designers; Mr. P. is going to kill me if I make him watch two MORE wedding shows (we already watch Bridezillas & Platinum Weddings).

Confession: I got through about 15 minutes of a 22 minute 10lb Slimdown Yoga video. I suck at life! 😦

I came up with some wonderful posts to write while at work about a million and one things. What I was thinking of doing was creating a page where I would display upcoming posts and people could comment on which ones they were interested in (or try to sneak in an opinion on). Let me know what you think about that, along with what you think of these entry categories:


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Make it Like Poetry (new! every now and again, I would post one of my (already published, hopefully)  poems for you to comment on–gently! I don’t usually post my writing, specifically unpublished works, but if you are interested, I am willing to share with you lovelies! :D)

Let me know what you want to read here…and tell your friends to check me out!