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I wanted to post the June Job Goal Assessment on the anniversary of my hire date, but then I also wanted to wait until my review, or there was something to report. Well, none of those things happened, and it is the 26th, so here you go:

  • I’ve been doing “a really good job” ever since I was a temp there. People like me. I do my job. I come to work (mostly) on time (1 or 2 minutes after 8 occasionally shouldn’t count…can’t control traffic, or where my keys are in the mornings!) and get more done than people expect me to.
  • A few months ago, I went to my favorite tech guy, Lance, and had him play around with my permissions and settings to develop a faster way of getting the work onto the network. This is just one example of my above and beyond the call of duty.
  • I found some discrepancies in some invoices,  where the company had paid the wrong person (and not paid the right person) and one where they didn’t pay an invoice. I got thanked a lot for that. I keep imagining one very angry inspector coming after me for having to pay back thousands of dollars, though.
  • Thursday from 3-5 I scanned a folder they gave me of things with a bunch of missing information; yesterday, they told me they didn’t need to scan any of it. So I guess that folder jumped out of Tilly’s drawer, walked across the accounting department and through the corporate executive assistant area, came down the stairs, swiped his card, and jumped on my desk. Where is the organization? Geez!
  • I am almost done with accounting. I feel it in my spirit. I have to be. 
  • I still have no idea what I’ll be doing next. I may be returned to Underwriting (which is my hope), but no one knows yet. It’s my fear they intend for me to touch every sheet of paper in the company before they let me go back to Underwriting.
  • I always wondered how companies went paperfree; now I know–cheap labor, anyone?
  • I actually make a lot for what I do; however, I still need to make more money.
  • I was so bored at work one day, I wrote a mini poem about a single sheet of paper that was stapled–to nothing. It was very deep and philosophical.
  • It is official. The clique of Raven, Blondie, & Mel-O will NOT get along with me. Not my fault. We are just two different kinds of people, people who don’t agree on much and have little in common. I’m not gay, I’m not married with a child, I’m not married with OCD. I don’t check my inappropriate friends’ facebook pages at lunch. I don’t complain about my husband. I don’t care what so and so was wearing. I have no mysterious food related illnesses. It’s amazing we are all around the same age and yet I feel like I’m looking at high schoolers. In most of the ways that matter in this material, status obsessed world, they should be far ahead of me: they make more money, are married/have a partner, one has a child. Their cars are nicer (and newer). They only have to pay half the bills (and one, not even half, because they live with someone’s parent). But yet and still, I see them and I think they’re kinda sad. What does this have to do with work? I changed my routine up to better avoid them. I might take a walk with half of my lunch hour, or I would sit in my car with the windows down and the radio on for a while. I would go to lunch a minute or two late, so I could see if they brought lunch & decide whether I wanted to go to the pub instead.
  • I have too many perks to leave! The pub card, the free healthcare/dental plan, the 200% matched/ 100% vested after 6 months 401(k), the company shirt I got for my one year…we get such wonderful perks, and all I have to do to keep them, at the moment, is get to work on time, scan documents, do a little data entry, go up and down the stairs a few times, and be a bit bored. If they let me twitter or facebook or email non-business emails at work, I would be set.
  • I wish I had more to say, but my job is boring and is still stagnated in accounting for now. I’ve done all I can, working hard (but efficiently & in a timely manner) to complete the current tasks and see what’s around the corner. If anything happens, I’ll keep you posted!