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I have a ton of things written down in my work notebook, but for my blog and a writing project, but at the moment, I don’t feel like transcribing anything. My head is all achy and I feel like a nice sound sleep, but I wanted to write something as I’ve been so remiss lately. So here are all the pertinent details.

My life hasn’t gone completely to pot, as my last post may have suggested. There is one area in which my healthy competitive streak and tenacity has returned–my writing. I am saving all of the juicy details for when my head isn’t about to explode, but I am working on a project now, one which I hope to publish one day because it’s very close to my heart and I think it will help many people.

Last night, I had the brillant idea to do my hair, which is partially why my head hurts. I was in a real girly mood, ready to shave stuff, pluck stuff, paint my toes. Anyway, I decided to wash, condition, blow dry, and flat iron my hair. I got halfway through the blow dry and got bored, so I flat ironed the sections I’d blow dried. Then I wanted something to eat, so I put it in a (half wet) ponytail and went to Walmart. I came back and watched “World’s Dumbest,” deciding to get up early and finish hair. I got up only fifteen minutes early and barely got through detangling and blow drying the undone section. The result? A huge *poof* on one half of my hair, a headache from yanking tangled hair, I was running late, and had a bad attitude (and bad hair).

Tomorrow will be better. Mr. Perfect has suggested Toy Story 3 in Imax 3D. I’ve never seen a movie in Imax, let alone in Imax 3D, so that should be interesting. Mr. Perfect has already informed me he has no desire to see TS3, had in fact wanted to see Karate Kid last weekend, so this is one of those “for 2blu” things. Aww…so sweet! (Guess who gets to pay for and sit through Karate Kid in the near future…yep…but if it’ll make Mr. P happy, I am willing to give it a chance); after all, he is braving the kids for me)

Receptionist chick is going to Blue Martini tonight and asked me how it was. It was a different experience, getting to tell her about a place she hadn’t been to; it’s almost always the other way around. My second bestie, Mz. Independent’s, birthday is next week, so I gotta figure out what to get her. She invited Mr. P and me out to dinner. Mr P. would be the only man in attendance. I may just leave him behind…who wants a bunch of hungry chicks eyeballing their man-meat, their Mr. Perfect man-meat? As my mom would say, I do not have boo boo the fool written on my forehead. I don’t know any of these girls she’s met at her job; they could be questionable. I’m just saying.

I wonder if the woman who bought the dress without being engaged on Say Yes to the Dress  ever got married…or even engaged. I wonder how long she had been with that man to go out and buy a wedding dress on a whim without a ring, and what her motivation was/ Had she neared her cut off window?

I’m no expert in love; I don’t think there’s any set timeframe in how long you should give a relationship before you go your separate ways, but I also don’t believe that the end surprises everyone, either. If the dress was an ultimatum, I wonder if it worked. People do strange things when they are in love and feel sure of their partner; it’s how people crack their heads open.

I should take an asprin and get some rest.

Woody, Buzz, Cowgirl, Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head, Ken & Barbie, & all the rest, here I come!

To Infinity & Beyond!