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**I know it’s late…but I wrote it Friday & wanted to post it anyway.**

Random: Today is the one year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death, so I got to jam all the way to work. It’s sad such a talent has been lost, but at least there’s a great volume of music left behind as his legacy. It’s more than most aspiring artists/emerging artists/every day people could ever hope to have. It has me wondering, what will my legacy be? What will people remember me for? What do I want to be remembered for?

My mother, in one of her first coversations with Mr. P, was asked what kind of child I was and said I talked too much, talked back (questioning), and was headstrong. Thanks, Mom! You expect people to highlight your good points at such a time; not Mom. My mom tells “the truth,” a.k.a. only the bad and annoying.

That’s not to say my mom doesn’t brag about me; she is proud of me. She may even be proud I was a questioner (after, of course, I was grown up). She knows my stubbornness got me through many a setback. She just likes to “keep it real.” But what would she say if I was no longer here?

The legacy I want to leae behind is that I was a Christian woman who tried to live her life in a way pleasing to God; a writer who desired to share her experiences and wisdoms with others through her writing; someone who wanted to help people; someone who knew when logic was needed and when faith was required; someone who forgave & who acknowledged her wrongs; someone who was deeply loved.

Enough of death and legacies.

Random: There’s this statement I thoroughly disagree with, soemthing like if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. Who is the lying individual that said that? Love is work: it requires work, investment. I work to be better for the people I love, to be a better steward of their love. I love writing, but it requires effor, it’s challenging–it’s work. And why doesn’t anyone want to work anymore? You many not be as stressed or drag your fet in the morning when you are going to do something you love. You may even stop doing it or the monetary reward. But if you don’t get your check, I’m sure you’re perspective will change.

I’m not going to lie & pretend I wouldn’t like to write for a living & be published; it’s about writing, but the only words you can live on are God’s, in which casse let me refer to the words of God himself–he who does not work does not eat (II Thes. 3:10). If I were to write for a living, I would be free to do what I wanted (i.e. writing) because I would be getting paid for it. I would love it; I would enjoy it. I would get lost for hours at a time in it. But I”d still be working.

Speaking of writing and working…

I lied. In one area of my life, someone else’s success, along with a little waltz down Memory Lane, has motivated me. In one area of life,  my sense of healthy competition has returned. A friend of mine from high school was published and has her second book with her editor. She even has a blog devoted to her writing adventures, and soon to be legions of fans.

While pondering this. I was scrolling through Netflix looking for something to watch instantly (as the rest of Season 4 of Bones is unavailable), and came across an old friend, Angel. I stopped watching Buffy regularly after Angel left, around the time someone was a werewolf thingie, Buffy was dating that army guy, and our favorite witch was a lesbian; it was too much for me. But Angel’s spinoff show has special meaning for me.

There’s a story I’ve been menaing to fully delve into, a true story, entitled Some College: Blah Blah Blah (I’m still working on the whole subtitle thing). Sitting at my desk, my brain decided to come up with material for a piece on how Angel fits into this story, along with an outline of possible chapters/topics ( because it had nothing better to do, like, oh, I don’t know…WORK)

I’ve started gathering my thoughts on about three of the topics/possible chapters. Maybe when I get something fleshed out I will share it with you. Until then, mes amis, adieu, bonne nuit, a bientot! All that jazz.