Don’t really have the time to write these entries right this minute, but when I leave Bible study I have A LOT to say. I watched Monique’s late night show on BET last night, and it gave me a few new relationship topics to discuss. Her guests last night included her gynecologist, a couple who were “relationship experts” (more on that later) & Mr. Marcus (yeah that Mr. Marcus, from “the industry).

Between Mr. Marcus & the Stevens (?) there is plenty to delve into:

What is sex really about? How important is sex to a marriage?
Open relationships/ marriages (Monique’s marriage is open, as is the Stevens’.)
Gender Roles vs. the Independent Woman of today./ submission
Relationship models, and;
I will try to get one of my helpers to help with the marriage preparedness kit by giving me a few words of wisdom.

Oh yeah, and I want to talk about, in completely unrelated news, the Believer’s Burden, my observations on the Christian experience.