I hate being an adult. Well, no I take that back. I hate being a grown up. There’s a subtle difference of meeting responsibilties and obligations between the two. Everybody wants to be an adult, nobody wants to be grown up. But this is my confession, so we’ll keep the focus on me.

I have to close my primary bank account and open a new one, which is a major inconvenience. All those things I simplified will have to be resimplified. I have to transfer over all direct deposits and ACH wothdrawals, setup a new online bill pay, typing in companies and account #s. But, as my current account is not serviced in my current location and anytime I need help, it’s a hassle, I have to do it.It’s necessary. It will be one step towards financial health.It’s one less thing to stress over later. It’s another reason being a grown up is inconvenient.

Here’s an inconvenient truth for you: When you’re a grown up, no one cares. Parents help adult children with money, bills, cars, housing, but once you take on the mantle of paying your own way in the world, no one gives two good curse words about how you will pay your rent, save your landlord.

What are hallmarks & harbringers of adulthood/grown ups?

1. A Full-time job
2. Bills
4.Making 401(K) designations
5. Picking insurance
6. Picking beneficiaries
7.Calling Maintenance/ plumbers, etc.
8.A mostly business/business casual wardrobe
9.A cubicle
10. A cell phone used more for business than pleasure
11. Having Kids that you actually take care of 9not your parents, sweetie!)
13. Slower Metabolism

I had chores as a child/adult. I washed clothes, cleaned kitchens, cleaned bathrooms, cooked; I held a part-time job and paid a cell phone bill. But that was fun. You felt a since of accomplishment and pride when you paid a bill; now you do it every Tuesday and feel a little violated when you look at your bank statement.

Having the responsibility for everything is not fun. I could get out of taking the trash out before; not now. I pay all the bills, can’t split anything. If I don’t cook, I don’t eat. I have to clean everything, remember to take care of everything, or I’m out of luck.

Independence is fine, but I miss having others to share the burden, laugh and talk with, work with, to love. Being the lone wolf grown up single girl is not all I thought it would be when I couldn’t wait to be grown.

I confess. I admit it. I hate being grown up, going to work, paying bills, and being responsible. How do you feel about being grown up? Are you a grown up? Leave your two cents’ worth!