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I had a conversation with Mr. Perfect tonight about my writing. these conversations with anyone are very rare, and very tough to have, because it seems that most people assume that getting published is all about being a good writer and sending out a manuscript to publishers and being “discovered.” Maybe this used to be the case, but these days, big publishers won’t look at anything not submitted by a literary agent, which adds a step or two to the process.

My plan for being published is a very simple, yet time consuming one. I plan to first submit to (and hopefully be published in) literary magazines. After a few successes, I plan to look for a good literary agent, who will help me find a publisher for my novel. That’s the plan.

When you submit to magazines, it can take up to six months to hear back. In my period between colleges, I submitted to two magazine contests. I submitted what I will call The Art Story and the Vandalism story. Neither of these stories won anything, but the goal was simply to submit. I had worked the beginning and middle of those stories into as near perfection as possible before realizing I had no idea how to end either story. I did my best at the last minute, writing endings that I HATED, just to get them mailed out.

When I finally took Intro to Creative Writing, I wrote an ending I liked to a completely different story, which freed me from the feeling that I couldn’t close a story. I also learned to do significant revisions to make a good story great, without losing the soul of the piece.

After a few years to let all of these things marinate, I think I’m finally ready to begin submitting again. I want to give myself the opportunity to fully pursue my dreams of again being a published writer (yes I’ve been published…it was a very long time ago, lol…the last time was senior year of high school.), to be able to make my living writing.

So, the writing goal. I have very few pieces finished and ready to submit. I still have The Art Story and The Vandalism Story that can be revised and resubmitted, along with the Intro to Creative Writing story, and a few pieces I plan to be a part of my Some College: Blah Blah Blah (still working on that subtitle). There are a few poems I plan to submit as well (which is relegating my choices for my Make It Like Poetry postings to some spoken-wordesque pieces that would otherwise not see the light of day, as I am not good at actual performing spoken word).

Makie it Like Poetry disclaimer: If you steal my poems, I will hunt you down! Your solemn word that you will respect my authorship of my pieces is required for me to post. I know I have it 😀 Right?

Any suggestions or advice you have for me getting back into submitting to literary magazines can be left after the beep