I am a teeny biy jealous of a cartoon character. You may have seen her on last night’s episode of The Boondocks, Ms. Ebony Brown. Before you judge me, I feel I have every right to feel jealous, and so do you (if you do, too).

Here is this Black female character with a fantastic body, pretty face, a great sense of humor, and charm. She works for a non-profit that actually found a cure for something. She is polite, sophisticated, & has excellent credit. She’s attentive & accomodating with her man. She flies halfway around the world to help with a typhoon relief effort. Yeah.

After hearing Mr. Perfect’s wistful “Man! Where is she?” I was more than a little green and having uncharitable thoughts about Ms. Brown (and creator Aaron McGruder). Then I felt conflicted.

I should be happy that there was a strong, independent Black Woman who wasn’t a total you know what being portrayed on TV, even if she was a cartoon. Aaron McGruder had written a Black woman who wasn’t promiscuous or ghetto, a woman of substance who not only had material wealth, but a wealth of personality & spirit, of kindness. Moreover, she wasn’t the problem in her relationship, the one who needed fixing.

Yet I couldn’t get that Jwhere is she?” out of my head. I don’t know about you, but I am not Ebony Brown (as Mr. P’s exclamation confirms). I don’t know any woman my age who is. But she is precisely what men want. I bet Ebony Brown wuld have no prolem getting a man to commit to her, especially since she was content to take things slow & didn’t appear to be on the chase for a ring.

OK I admit it. I’m a teeeny bit jealous of a cartoon character. But wouldn’t you be? Maybe for you it was Jessica Rabbit or Ariel. Or maybe in your case it was/is a very real person who makes you feel itty bitty & insignificant.

Well, I’m not going to be jealous anymore; I’m going to be proud of how far I’ve made it in life at 25, and no made up hussy is going to make me feel bad about it!

Share your two cents’ worth & tell me how you feel!