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I know how much you lovelies love reading this blog, so follow this blog on twitter to stay up to date with topics, changes, new pages, and my random thoughts throughout the day. It’s a wonderful opportunity to ask me anything! If you can’t find a blog to post your comment on, send it to me on twitter.

My twitter username: @2blu2btru, listed by the name Indigo Moods Blog. If you are a blogger with a twitter feed, leave your blog name and username in the comments so I can follow you, too!

Hopefully we will have an even fuller relationship (and better group therapy) with this new twitter feed. As soon as I figure out where to put it, I will put up the twitter feed here as well (junky blog). Tell your friends about the blog and twitter feed (especially male friends…I don’t get enough male voices in these discussions).

That’s it for now. Leave your twitter usernames, suggestions, tips, gripes, complaints, or congrats after the beep.