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…(I’m going to continue as if I wasn’t interrupted by mobile wordpress’ space limitations!) There is nothing more open than a relationship where you can tell one another anything & count on your partner to continue to be there for you. Your relationship is open when you can tell me your desires & temptations, when you can share what you want with me & look to ME to fulfill those needs, not when you have my permission to go act out your fantasies/desires with another woman.

If people really still believed marriage was 1 person for the rest of their lives, a union created and blessed by God for our happiness and growth, maybe they would be more carefulto choose someone they could succeed with, and be less likely to throw it away. Or maybe they would wait until that commitment was what they truly wanted. I don’t want anyone who isn’t absolutely certain about me. Those conditions are not met yet and hence I am not married.

But I realize I’m peculiar, an anomaly, of a dying breed. Old-fashioned. One of those religious folks. One of those virginal goody two shoes who probably never fantasizes about men. Too closed minded. A hypocrite. At least that’s what I hear.

But I love people. You all fascinate me. Even if I disagree, I try to understand your reasoning. I hope you at least pay me the same courtesy.
Comments–I love them, even if you’re (respectfully) disagreeing. If you are in an open marriage, what am I missing or not portraying of your reality in these three posts? If you are an advocate of traditional marriage, what does it do for you? Share your truth after the beep.