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It may be hard to believe, given my blog’s focus on relationships, and my current focus on successful marriages, but I’d never been to a bridal shower before yesterday. The woman I wrote about who was proposed to at church is getting married on August 28th, and a few of the ladies at church hosted a bridal shower for her.

As I sat at a long table with women with 348 plus years of marital experience between them, listening to them give advice to the bride to be, it humbled me to realize how much wisdom and knowledge was at my disposal, all these women willing to share their knowledge with me (and by extension, you dear readers!). They gave the bride advice that their mothers and elder women gave to them, as well as what they’d learned over the years themselves. There were women present whose marriages range from 9 months to 41 years. I can’t wait to interview and introduce you to these women & their experiences.

I’ve gotten a lot of support on this project so far, and verbal commitments, and I am praying that everyone comes through and goes through with the interview. We need to learn from these women of faith and character who are in functioning unions.