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It’s been so long since a Freestyle Friday! As you can see, I’ve been working really hard at getting this blog together. I appreciate all the people who are telling me they like the blog and those who leave comments. To those who’ve told me they will read and/or comment, I hope you enjoy all these wonderful posts. Now, to the randomness:

Thanks to The Black Couple for making my blog their Forward Friday pick this week! If you haven’t checked out their blog already, please do! This couple blogs about everything to do with Black love & the Black Family. Go join the conversation…just make sure you come back here!

I signed up for snail mail penpals with the Dear Darling penpal project, over on the blog Oh, My Darling. You just send her an email expressing your interest, and she will email you back with particulars. You are placed into groups of people to be penpals with. I have a penpal already, who also comments here, but I haven’t had a snail mail penpal since ninth & tenth grade. I’m so excited for this! I’m accepting other penpals as well (email or snail mail).

I got to see Erykah Badu at the House of Blues. I love the House of Blues. It reminds me a bit of the juke joint in The Color Purple. From the outsie it looks like an old wood frame house with two long porches running along one side of it (upper and lower). There’s a rusted water tower out front with The House of Blues on  it. Inside before a show, a huge quilt is pulled down over the stage that reminds me of something someone’s grandmother would make.

The Venue is small enough that yu can get a good picture from anywhere (though usually you can’t take any–we were allowed to this time). The tickets are usually affordable, and they have good/great artists. The only two R&B artists that I missed were Babyface & Chrisette Michelle (both of which I wanted to see…one because Mr. P’s sister was in town and one because we were broke and Erykah was coming the next week…a pay week). I’ve seen Mint Condition and Raheem DeVaughn there previously.

All three have been great vocally, exhibited extensive musical ability, had stage presence & crowd interaction skills. I have yet to be disappointed by a show there. If you’re a grown & sexy couple in the Orlando area and you are not interested in the mouse, check into who’s coming to the House of Blues. ( I should be getting paid for this!)

I’ll have to review the concert specifically in another post. I have a few other posts to work on 😀  The marriage kit interviews are going well. I am please with everyone’s honesty and willingness to open up about marriage. I actually am seeing some common threads in all three of the interviews I’ve done so far, am beginning to see that there are a few common threads, at least within the group of individuals I’ve spoken to.

I want to encourage all of my newer readers to have a look around, read some of the older entries highlighted on my pages, as well as some I haven’t gotten around to putting on that list yet. And feel free to leave comments everywhere 😀