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If you’ve been reading me for a while, you are used to seeing me review/recap movies, TV shows, concerts, etc. as well as new fitness things I’ve tried like my guest post on Eat.Drink.Breathe.Sweat on Insanity. I used to do this a lot more often, but my focus has sharpened from talking about whatever came to mind to focusing this blog on relationships–relationships with significant others/spouses, friends, family, self, and God. I found that I can continue to post most things in one of these groups, and the Random group gives me permission to get off script with Freestyle Friday & Make It Like Poetry, but the reviews just didn’t fit. I could never find space for them. Making anothe page for them helped put them all in one place, but they still were inbetween related posts and breaking up discussions on the home page. I have several written in my journal waiting to be published, as I am always watching a movie or TV show, or reading a book, trying a new recipe or fitness thing, etc. And I wanted to write more of them to be written. What was a blogger to do?

If I had my own hosted blog, I might be able to find a way to write both blogs without getting movie reviews in my Marriage Kit interviews, but since I am not there yet, I started a separate review blog! As soon as the first review goes up, I will let you know via twitter (manually, until I can get it set up to update facebook & twitter!). My first review? After I do a little introduction and shout out this blog & its mission, I will be reviewing Toy Story 3.

So that this is not completely random, a Marriage Kit update and new news: I have Pink Susie’s interview to post, as well as one Elder from my church. I meet w/ my minister’s wife on Tuesday so you can read her responses (even though she has been poking around here and may have read her husband’s interview already, I am certain she will answer in her with her own views and philosophies!). Also, to bring a little more focus to singlehood, I want to get a few singles to do interviews to represent what single should look like. Many people are single but don’t know how to be single, and they need to know that just as much as they need to know what marriage is really about. Also, my reflections on issues brought out in the interviews. Hope all these announcements made your day!