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I read an article about what’s wrong with 20 somethings. Generation Y has pushed back the ages at which we pass milestones of adulthood. These milestones are: finish school, leave parent’s home, be financially independent, get married and have children. The author talks about the effect the economy has had on uspassing these milestones–no jobs, debt, more women finishing school and putting off marriage/children, etc.

All of these things are having profound effects on our relationships. We are so worried about making it, we can’t focus on relationships, or living at home is cramping our style. Marrieds can’t afford to have children, argue about money, or both. So how do we fireproof our relationships from the flames of monetary frustration & frustrations of dead end jobs & knowing our lives are off track?

This seems to be of particular importance to men.They feel pressure from society to be able to provide financially. They bottle up work frustrations & feelings until they explode. They get ridiculed if they still live at home with their parents.  They are finishing school at smaller rates than women. They have more pressure to get the house, the car, the wife and kids.

So what do we do to minimize the effects of all of these things have on our relationships? My suggestions:

  • Eat in a little more: groceries last longer than takeout & give more value for your money. You can spend quality time around the dinner table. Also, men (and women) think cooking is sexy! 😀
  • Take advantage of the library-libraries have movies you can checkout for free. Or you can read and discuss a book on relationships or a religious book together.
  • If there’s a “dollar movie” theater near you, take advantage of it. It’s still a movie shown in a theater, just a lot cheaper. The one enar me also has concession deals & a rewards card.
  • Look for deals-Bowling for $1/game or skating for $5 gets you out of the house & having fun for less money than you’d think.
  • Pool your resources–Ladies, sometimes go out in your car. One person gets movie tickets, one gets the concessions. Ladies can treat as well sometimes.
  • Let him know he doesn’t have to go broke to impress you. Choose a good but affordable restaurant and  activities within his budget. You are getting to know him, or getting closer to him–not his wallet.
  • Natural entertainment–Parks are free. Sunshine & a cool breeze are included. Pack a lunch and/or take a nice stroll around the park. Ride bikes together. Get active and work up a sweat.

Do you have any other tips to recession proof your relaitonship? How are you keeping the love warm when cold hard cash is an issue?