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Erykah Badu

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First of all, I love, Love, LOVE music at work. I love the fact that I can sit around with my headphones one and work. You ever notice how when you put your iPod on shuffle and a song comes on you love, (and probably forgot you had), it gives you a second wind? Whether I’m exercising, scanning, or just driving home from work, music can help me make it through. I had a creative writing class that came up with a bunch of similies to start poems with. I want to add mine and see what y’all come up with. Love is like a radio…GO!

Even though this week has been hectic, I received a pick me up from another source as well: my penpals! I have received two letters already, and I have written them back. I think everyone should experience opening their mailbox and seeing an actual letter or card amongst the bills on days other than their birthdays.

I still need to do some major work on it, but I think my review blog is going to be awesome! I have a ton of reviews coming up, including Takers, The Karate Kid, Killers, Knight & Day, & so many other movies, interspersed with my take on movie trends, the Erykah Badu concert at House of Blues, reviewing my friend Ivan Keith’s music, and so much more. So go familiarize yourself and get ready for new content!

Speaking of new content, I am going to post a bit tonight (hopefully) and see if I can set up some posts to be released over the weekend (while I’m at Disney with Mr. Perfect & Mz. Independent! And yes, I do mean ALL of Disney…so excited!  :D). I have a marriage kit from Pink Susie & an Elder at my church to post, and so much more, so keep checking back!

As always, leave your two cents after the beep…BEEP!