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Magic Kingdom

Cinderella's Castle--the Magic Kingdom

I went to Disney World on Saturday with Mr. Perfect and a good friend, Mz. Independent (who works for Disney & got us in for FREE!). We went to three of the for amusement parks–Animal Kingdom, Epcot, & Magic Kingdom. I went to Epcot in 2003 when I came to Florida for the International Society of Poets competition (paid for by the good people who also sent me to private school in high school), but I hadn’t been to the Magic Kingdom since I was maybe 3, and I don’t think I’d ever been to Animal Kingdom. Needless to say, with me being a BIG Disney fan and overgrown kid at heart, I was beyond excited to go. Mr. Perfect…well, he was willing to go. LOL

I went around work telling everyone about my planned trip and heard nothing but discouragement: it’s going to be so crowded, you won’t get to ride anything, the character’s are only in this area of this park and you won’t get to blah blah blah. That made me mad; I don’t say negative things about their plans & news (I just wanted to be included, y’all! I don’t have kids or a husband or real holiday plans–let me have my one Disney day! Hmph!).

Now on Monday morning, after my legs have recovered and my heart has come unstuck from my chest wall, I can reflect a bit here on what Disney has to offer childless couples–what I think you should check out, what to avoid, and how to ensure you both enjoy the experience of a Disney World unfettered by children.

But first, a word on the children. You spend so much money at Disney, why bring a child too small to really enjoy it, or too small to not get irritated at being kept up lat to see the fireworks? Some of the small children had a great time, pointing and naming characters, riding little rides, etc., but I saw so many who looked miserable–red from too much sun, tired, irritable, frightened from the crush of people or the boom of the fireworks–even some escaping into the crowds and having to be chased down! Any child(ren) of mine will have to be at least 5 0r 6 and well-behaved before we go to Disney World.

Now, to evaluate Disney World for Couples:

  • We didn’t go here yesterday, but Mr. Perfect and I like Pleasure Island. It’s not what it used to be (they took out the clubs, etc), but it’s still nice. If you’re feeling fancy (read: want to spend money), you can go to Cirque de Soleil’s La Nouba, an aerialist/acrobatic themed show (much like the ones in Vegas). You can also go to the House of Blues for good food & live artists such as Erykah Badu, The Script, Mint Condition, Babyface, Raheem DeVaughn, etc. They also have what I hear is a great Sunday Gospel Brunch. There’s also a movie theater & shopping.


  • Epcot–Epcot probably has the most to offer adult couple’s. They have a World Showcase of eleven countries (including France, Italy, Norway, Germany, Morroco, & Mexico). They have replica’s of each country’s architecture, in which our housed shops & restaurants stocked with food (and drinks) from that country or specialty exports, etc. (For example, France has a perfume shop & a patesserie (pastry shop, and you can get a wine pass for France, Germany & Italy to have glasses of wine from each country.) You can drink & eat your way around the world any day, but they also have a special food & wine festival from mid October-mid November each year. There are also exhibits on space & science, should you & your honey be interested.

  • Animal Kingdom–who doesn’t love animals? I do. Mr. Perfect & I tried to get pictures of everything out during our safari (The lion was being uncooperative–laying down sleeping on a rock in some high grass! Hmph!). We saw animals I can’t remember the names of up close & personal.

We learned some things, but I myself was so enthralled (and busy snapping pictures), I missed a lot of commentary. Expedition Everest (or whatever that rollercoast is called) was a little terrifying for me, but that may be your opportunity to hold your love’s hand and make her feel all safe from the Yeti.

  • The Magic Kingdom, though it has my main reason for wanting to go to Disney World (Cinderella’s Castle) was the least accomodating for couples. According to our travel guide, Mz. Independent, it is the only park that does not sell alcohol. It had the most strollers & babies strapped to people’s chests, and has the most rides for children. It’s a very child-centric park. I sw the most characters here, which I loved, but character’s can be found in all of the parks. They have some nice things: the Hall of Presidents, (which we didn’t get to until too late to see the show–Mr. Perfect, who memorized the presidents as a child, and wanted to see the Barack Obama figure, was disappinted), the fireworks display (“Wishes”),  and the parades (including an electrical one at night).

All in all, my trip to the magical world of Disney was great. I had a lot of fun, met a lot of characters, snapped a ton of pictures, walked until my feet ached, rode rides in the dark, backwards, and fighting G-forces, & had the BEST funnel cake ever.