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There’s a very thin, nearly modelesque young lady at my job whose desk I have to go to sometimes to collect assignments or ask for clarification. I went by her desk the other day, and while I was waiting for her to retrieve a folder, I glanced at her monitor. Stuck to her monitor was a sticky note with the following phrase: Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

I had to think about that one. I can think of a lot of things that taste really good, but it’s been a while since I have know how thin feels. I don’t remember thin feeling like much of anything. I know I moved better, had slightly more energy, and felt better about my looks (although I still didn’t like my stomach…or my face then.). I still have a lot of energy, am pretty flexible, and I still don’t like my stomach.

Then yesterday they sent around an email for employee wellness. We can get a corporate membership to Lifestyle Family Fitness for a largely discounted price. This gym membership includes classes. It will be deducted from our pay before we get our check. Everyone is planning to take classes together & wants to know what I’m going to take. Will I Zumba? Spin? Sign up for bootcamp? The possibilties…

I haven’t been in an exercise class since Yoga at the co-rec in ’07. As I still haven’t found a fitness passion, the classes might help. I can learn to do moves correctly, and maybe discover I just love cardio kickboxing or Body Pump or Bootcamp. Besides, having someone to go with, at least initially, may help me through a few backsliding impulses.

Meanwhile, one of my fav TV trainers, Jackie from Bravo (I can’t remember the name of her old show!) has a new show called Thintervention. I’m not sure I like how focused I get on thin rather than “fit”or “healthy”, but thin is everywhere. I won’t lie; I want flat abs! That’s something I can feel. But I will sefor helthy (ier), lean(er) body with flat(ter) abs. Of course, I shall remain bootylicious!

I guess my point is that being skinny/thin hasn’t felt good because the things I’ve done to get there werren’t enjoyable or a pleasant challenge. I’m hoping to look forward to the process as well as the results.
What about you? What are your goals? Where does your thinspiration come from? Are you going to watch Thintervention & comment on my review?