I’ve been going through it this year. It’s hard to know which end is up. But this year is shaping up to end as all years end for me– on a hopeful note. No matter how bad the New Year begins, by the end of it, my faith & hope have been beared out. Since I’m not in the mood to recount the bad, we will focus on the good.

As you know, I will be moving at the end of November. I saw a nicce place this weekend. The prospective place is $120 less than my current rent, nearly 20 miles closer to my job, & eliminates the need to take the toll road to work. With a little luck, it will still be available when I have the funds to get it reserved. It will be available just before my current lease ends. It aligns with my needs quite perfectly.

One of the UAs is moving out of state, which means her position will be available at the end of the month. The position is in my department & pays more than my current position. I’ve been praying for the opportunity to move up (& get out of accounting), & I really need to make more money, so this opportunity seems almost gift wrapped.

There’s a scripture that talks about temptation which explains that God always provides us with ways to escape it, alternatives to giving in. I know when I am tempted to give in, I’ll get a phone call, a visitor, a card– something that clearly lets me know God isn’t as far away from me & my situation as He seemed. I like to reflect on times when God has brought me through, long after I thought I’d taken all I thought I could take, at the end of both rope & hope.

I’ve come to realize there is no real danger in doing things God’s way, no matter how scary it looks. Daniel in the Lions’ Den, Shadrach & the others in the fiery furnace–they were safer obeying God than if they had obeyed the king & never been in those places. I have to remind myself in His time & according to His will, my work will be rewarded, both now on Earth & in eternity, if I wait on Him. That doesn’t mean I’m not still seeking after what I’ve asked Him for; just that if I don’t get it right away, I don’t give up. That’s what I do in the not so good times.

What do you do when everything seems to go wrong?