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If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen my recent rant against a certain Scale/ BMI/ body fat/ blood pressure measurer when I visited my new gym. I realized I wasn’t angry at the machine, however; I was angry at myself. I think a lot of are taking out misplaced anger on machines.

When I first approached the life center with a trainer (who mercifully couldn’t stay), there was a woman already in it. She proclaimed that she was finished, that the machine “lies anyway.” Does it really lie, or are we just in denial about our weight & body fat and health?

I got in the lie center and recorded my initial readings. The numbers suck. They are not reflective of who I am or how I feel most days. They are a far cry from me at my best. But deep down I knew that already. My knees hurt a lot for apparently no reason, I’m restless, I have no appetite then late at night I’m starving–my body is out of whack and suffering…and the numbers I’m about to share with you prove it.

I weigh (at around 5′ tall, for perspective) 140 pounds. That seems heavy but not substantial if you don’t know he ideal weight fomy height is around 100 pounds. Yeah. My body is 32.2% fat; yes I am a third fat. So there you have my current stats. I’m also having breakouts, headaches, and aches. I sleep badly. I can’t find the energy to do much…I am far away from me.

Once my car has been fixed, I will begin to take classes at the gym a few times a week. My company offered corporate memberships, so there are a lot of my coworkers going. They offer great classes, including cycling & Zumba. I’ve only ever taken Yoga & Tai Chi, so we will see how I like them. Maybe my fitness passion is in there somewhere.

Today I am reminding myself to make myself a priority. Nothing in my life runs without me. I have to take care of me so I ccan take care of everything else. It’s time for my ouside to match the inside I want to have, and polish my insides until they shine through again. I’m rededicating myself to me.

What are you going to rededicate yourself to? It’s officially fall, you know; fall back into step with something that made you happy…and tell me all about it!