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Thanks to Mr. Perfect for letting me borrow his laptop–and the untold person who’s wireless I’m riding on, LOL. Since I don’t have  internet for a while, I’m going to try and stay up all night scheduling wonderful things for you. While you’re reading, I’ll be participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), moving, settling in, and finishing a major project at work. Yes, it’s going to be busy in 2blu’s household of one. But I don’t want you to miss it all!

Mr. Perfect went back to his home state to visit on the fourteenth, and was gone until the twentieth. This is a “Things Mr. P. Doesn’t Know About Me” special feature about my shenanigans while he was out of town.

A couple weeks ago, Mr. Perfect went on vacation and visited family in another state. Faced with the prospect of nearly a week Mr. P. free, I got to thinking about time apart. What do people do when “we” goes back to “I” for a few days?

Every now and then, we need a little time apart & to ourselves. It’s good to check back in with ourselves and spend time in pursuits we enjoy that our partners may not, or which are solitary pursuits & experiences.

So what did I get into while Mr. P. was away? Here’s a quick recap:

1. Let them eat pie. By the time I entered college, my major sweet tooth was retired. After many years of Laffy Taffy ropes, sugar straws, and frooties, I didn’t want to see candy. But I’ve always kept a fondness for pie. Not just any pie–sweet potato pie.  I love sweet potatoes. Mr. P. is not big on sweet potatoes. So guess what desert I had with dinner without my sweetie? Oh yeah! (and it was DELICIOUS!!)

2. The revolution WILL be televised. I got all caught up on The Bad Girl’s Club, all the Real Housewives franchises, and 1,000 Ways to Die. I watched both the House and NCIS marathons on USA. Oh, the bad TV! I fell asleep watching Forensic Files and awoke to infomercials on Zumba. It was fabulous!

3. Scared Stiff. Mr. Pefect does not like most scary movies. I LOVE scary movies. So I watched Scariest Movie Moments specials, Friday the 13th, The Happening…whatever I could lay hands on to scare myself stiff.

4. Rubber Band Betty. I do yoga & pilates, which aren’t the most macho exercises, nor are they good for men with heavy upper bodies–too many inversions & balance poses for Mr. P. Minus Mr. P., I got my coure workout and balance & flexibility in. I went to the late class at the gym for Pilates on Thursday, and I’ve done enough yoga I didn’t need a class to get a good sequence going. P.S. Guess who’s BF said she was looking slimmer a week ago? Yeah, that would be me!

 5. Booty Booty Booty Booty Rockin’ Everywhere! Dancing round my apartment, downloading new music & just in the groove…that was me all weekend.

6. Lady of Bath. As a truly single gal, I had a whole beauty day in which I did my hair, took a hot bath, had a self-pedicure and manicure, and put on a face mask. That day was Saturday. Now, Saturdays I go to parks, movies, downtown, and/or out to eat with my favorite person. I’m not complaining. I like the way I spend my Saturdays, but I wouldn’t trade my beauty day two Saturdays ago! A long soak in the bath was exactly what I needed.

7. Clean Up Woman. One bathroom and one closet were cleaned in the making of this me time experience.

8. Of Deserts & Rain. As much fun as I had catching up with friends, reading, watching TV, exercising, and eating pie, I missed my guy a little. He’s who I share all my funny stories of the day with, who I discuss music & movies with. He’s the best person with whom to share a meal. He’s the first person I want to show my new hairdo. All of which makes him special, and none of which detracts from the fact our vacation from each other was much appreciated and taken full advantage of.