Fall is usually a season for reaping. After planting and tending, you begin to see the rewards of your labor. This is the way it is in nature and with farmers. But for everyone else, the fall can be a very different time. Kids going back to school are planting in the fall– establishing routines, learning new information, signing up to take college entrance exams, and/or looking towards graduation. For adult working people, nothing seems to change but the date on the calendar. We are usually still getting up and going to work day after day, facing the same tasks or responsibilities. It can get tough to get out of the mire of just squeaking along.

This fall, or the next month and a half, my word will be preparation–preparing to move, preparing to transition at work, preparing to straighten out my finances, preparing for a better 2011 than 2010 has been. Here’s where I am:

Preparing to move: I’ve begun throwing out unnecessary paperwork and filing my other paperwork. I’ve asked for help moving, and a church member with a truck has agreed to help. I decided to give away my couches to Veterans or some other worthy cause. I’ve begun deep cleaning all those nit picky areas you forget from the checklists. I am doing a little each day so I’m not rushed and overwhelmed in November.

Preparing to transition on the job: this one I’m really excited about. I have my firm end for accounting! Thank goodness for the end of the year. They want to wrap up my work before their busy season. I am now in possession of a calendar of all that is left for me to do…and the target end date is about one week after my move. Two new starts back to back!

Preparing for financial recovery: this one isn’t easy. This pay period, I will be caught up on just about everything. I have all the moving expenses built into my tight budget, and can begin paying off a few non-recurring bills. Also, I sent off my loan consolidation paperwork to the Department of Education. I am on an extreme spending diet in order to have my financial train back on track by the beginning of the year. Hopefully I will be able to do so. I see no reason I won’t be able to.

I’ve been so trained to plant in the  fall, from many years of going to school, and many more of aligning myself to be able to embark on new goals for the new year, that I can’t help but be excited about fall. It’s a very hard season, but it’s one in which you rough it in order to have plenty later.

What does fall signify to you? Is it the end of the best part of the year? A beginning? Or just more hours on the clock, wasting away? I challenge you, on the eve of November, to do something you always wanted to do in the upcoming month, like me. I’m participated in NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep up my posts here, seeing as I am working without internet at home 😦 Be blessed and comment comment comment! 😀