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One thing I really dislike about where I live (for the past two years, but only three weeks or so to go!) is the traffic. It fluctuates with the school schedule, and buses help drive up my commute time (pun intended).On average, my commute time is about one hour. Over the years, I’ve come up with some really fun ways to spend my commute. Here are my favorites for your consideration:

*I started out with XM satellite radio. I LOVE XM! I would listen to the Gayle King Show, Dr. Robin, etc. on Oprah and Friends, and listen to Cosmo radio’s Wake Up with Taylor. I even tuned in to the Foxxhole. Not to mention the music! Commercial free and more diverse than regular radio, it made me love music again.

*I got an iPod and it revolutionized my commute. No more changing CDs or channels for me. My whole music collection, along with podcasts & audiobooks, provided a more customized way to spend my time.

*Where are they going/ coming from is a little game I play. If you are driving or dressed out of the ordinary, if your music is incongruous with your look, or something about you captures my eye, I spin these elaborate stories around your drive. Try it; it’s very amusing.

Yesterday, the police presence and helicopters at my turnoff overwhelmed me. I got home a half hour after my usual time. It was a struggle not to give in to frustration and road rage with everyone else. But then I stopped and looked around–and I couldn’t stop laughing. The things people do in their cars when they aren’t moving! Added to that, we are all in a hurry to get to an area where someone running from police is on the loose! And angry that we can’t get there in time to do nothing (at least in my case). We all need a moment to be in our skin and in the moment. Mine just happens to be in traffic most days. Wherehs your moment?