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I had a crazy dream last night/this morning, and I am blaming it on NaNoWriMo. In case you aren’t convinced by my rather catchy title that NaNoWriMo is the culprit for all of this pre-dawn madness, I’ll recount the dream and let you be the judge.

I was in a house, a house that I used to live in as a little girl. The house was just as I remembered it–gray walls in the hallway, dingy carpet, yellow walls with the previous green colored paint showing through in my bedroom. There was someone in my room–they looked like a person, but felt more like a malevolent force. There was a set of bunkbed in the room–white iron, with frilly bedding, just like the bunkbed set I had. Underneath the bottom bunk were a bunch of  papers that I was trying to sneak out before the person guarding it tried to stop me. The papers were filled with great stories, interviews, all sorts of things that I had written, ideas that I had that were still born–gone before I ever got them on paper. I woke up before I either got the ideas out, gotten caught.

So you see, NaNoWriMo’s pressures are getting to me. I am dreaming of some malevolent force in my childhood home stealing all of the ideas and images I need to keep up the momentum on this whole NaNoWriMo ride. I’m having major performance anxiety. I’ve not met the word count, even though I have been writing each and every day. Not having internet on my own computer is a big problem for me. My computer hasn’t been on since my internet was cut. I write on paper now, which feels like a return to my roots.

The story is going fine. I have a definite plot and a great cast of independent characters. For example, I have one character, the best friend of the protagonist, who I had always imagined as being single and carefree in the planning stages, the person who was involved in all the main character’s foolishness. Well, this character decides to show up in her first scene pregnant! I tried everything I could to make her not pregnant, but she was determined to have this baby, so I have to work around it. Independent so and so characters.