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Good Times

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Am I the only person who thinks today should be Friday? What is going on with this week? I feel as if it was Wednesday two days in a row. It’s been one of those weeks when you have enough time in the day left to stop and think about where you really are in your life as opposed to where you thought you would be…and get depressed (or ecstatic, I don’t know).

Contrary to the theme from the popular TV show, “scratchin’ and survivin'” is not Good Times. At least they aren’t for me. I know I tend to talk about money A LOT in regards to relationships–it is a major issue, a leading cause of divorce, after all–so you will be surprised by the confession that I’m going to make today.

Are you ready? Yes? OK, here it goes…

You see, the thing is, well…

I am tired of talking about money. I am tired of thinking about money. I am tired of not having money. I am T-I-R-E-D of the whole discussion–money in relationships, personal finance–all of it. I feel consumed by talks of money. That’s all I seem to hear about these days.

The main reason I’m tired of talking about money? I’m tired of talking about money because no one has anything useful to say about improving my financial situation. I’m glad you paid your student loans off in three years by sending in thousands of dollars at once; I’m glad your emergency fund is more than I owe on my car and one of my student loans; I’m overjoyed that you went on a fantastic honeymoon, paid off law school, quit your job and work for yourself, etc. No really; I am. But it doesn’t help me.

You see, with what I make, I can’t pay thousands on anything (I don’t take home “thousands” in a month…more like $1600-$1825…side hustle included). I can’t double up payments (unless I skip paying someone else that month). I don’t split bills with anyone else, I have to have a car in order to get around here (public transportation from home to work is unavailable), and my cable and internet are already gone, so there’s no way to come up with this extra money to work my way out of debt. I already have two jobs.

So you see, most of the obvious things to say have already been said and proven not to work for me. Being preoccupied with it hasn’t helped me come up with anything new to do about it. I’m not saying I am done thinking about it, but I’m done reading about it or talking about it until I have something positive to say.

So, get all of your money questions, comments, feelings, and frustrations out of the way now. Leave me your $0.02 worth on money…for the last time, already! (:D)