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I found my mailbox! It’s a good thing I did, too, because I had mail in it.

I’m settling in to the new place. It helped that I have a few days to lay around reading Harlequins and watching movies   to get some things put away before I had to go to work. I love the cafe au lait walls and the crown moulding and the stainless steel fixtures. It’s all very chic. Once I have internet at my place, you will definitely see a picture or two of my new digs!

Why is it so cold outside? No matter where you are in the USA, at least east of the might Mississippi, it is cold where you are. It gets to in the forties at night here (and I don’t want to hear anything about how that isn’t cold; we are not used to that in Central Florida).

Mr. Perfect and I were chosen as hosts for our friends’ wedding reception/shower. They were married on last Monday (the 22nd). This is the same couple we met for dinner that one time. We have to pick up a gift from their registry and prepare for our hosting duties. I’ve only been to a couple wedding receptions myself. I’m supposed to wear a black dress and seat people. There will be food. This is the extent of my knowledge of what’s going on. I was asked on Wednesday. You all know how I feel about lateness, but since she’s my friend and I’m a fan of all things marriage, I’ll rise to the occasion. Hopefully, there are no games involved this time; I’m terrible at coming up with entertainment on the fly.

They were married at the courthouse. There was no pomp and circumstance and fluff, just vows. That’s really all you need, right? No waiting for a better ring or saving for a lavish party, just “I do” before God and a Justice of the Peace. Now it’s time for gifts and grub! 😀

Another couple I know is engaged, but there’s been some scuffling over the ring. Apparently, she wants a bigger one. I haven’t talked to her and gotten her side of the issue. Hopefully they can work it out and go on and get married.

I almost want some other people to get engaged or have a wedding shower. Get some of the attention and pressure off of me. But it’s a catch 22: yes, pressure will be off of me initially, but once congratulations are over, then everyone turns to me and wants to know when am I getting married.

I read a blog yesterday a woman wrote about a lady at church coming up to her after an engagement was announced and hugging her. The lady whispered something to the effect of “don’t worry; you’re time is coming soon.” She made a good point about using her singlehood to focus on the Lord and wait for things to happen in His time instead of focusing on why she didn’t have a husband yet. I’ve made the point a few times myself, but it’s good to read another Church of Christ woman and to know I’m not alone in my thinking. Also, thanks for giving me the scripture I was looking for! I Cor. 7:34.

I wish at had some good news or something exciting to share, but my life lately has been a whirl of turkey, moving, church, work and gym. Once I have the internet on at the house, it will be back to regularly scheduled programming–relationships, wisdom, motivations/meditations, and lots of ME! 😀 Have a blessed weekend!