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This is what I felt like I was doing this weekend! Image via Wikipedia

This was my third anniversary weekend, and it felt like I’d come to a race thinking it was a 100 meter dash only to find out it was a marathon. By the end of it I was tired and out of breath, my legs were like jelly and my stomach rolled like a boat on a storm tossed sea.

Friday Mr. P. and I found our way to the Panda Express for Chinese food. We didn’t do very much, as it was already late and we had a lot to do for Saturday. It’s a lot harder to coordinate doing things Friday because we live so much farther away now.ย  ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

On Saturday, we went to Target to buy gifts for the wedding reception. I’ve never used a wedding registry before, so that was an experience. I had no idea that there were so many varieties of bronze trash cans. I was out of practice reading SKUs, but we were finally able to locate the section we wanted and get some items off the list. We split up the items equally by cost and finally left, at which point we were starving and running behind schedule. We stopped at Sonics Drive In and took or lunch back to Mr. P’s so he could dress. Then we drove all the way back to my place so I could shave my legs dress. I didn’t have time to completely finish my hair and had to improvise (meanwhile, it was the first time in a while I had compliments on my hair–go figure!).

The wedding reception was a success. There was only one veiled reference to when Mr. P and I would be getting married. Everyone was happy and in good spirits, despite the cold outside. The food was delicious (and some a little spicy :D). After the reception, we ran around looking for a Wi Fi connection so Mr. P. could plug in and do some work related things. We settled on a McDonald’s after trial and error, and I half froze in my evening wear. It was one of those things you look back on and laugh at, from the comfort of your heated apartment.

Sunday was our actual three year anniversary, and our day was pretty laid back. We went to Denny’s, then walked around the mall, after which Mr. P. suggested a movie. We tried one theater but the movies started a lot later, so we went to another theater. We talked about seeing Fair Game, Faster, or For Colored Girls. I left it up to him, thinking he’d go with Faster. He chose For Colored girls. That needs a review all of its own, so look for that shortly.

After the movie, we went to the pub my company owns for dinner and to catch a bit of the football games (The Colts loss was disappointing; the retro uniforms…eh). I had the delicious flatbread again (three cheese chicken…yum), while Mr. P. had a game day special that looked tasty, and was a veritable feast. We capped the day watch Bad Boys II (as I have no cable yet).

Other positives from the weekend:

  • I got a refund from a money order someone threw away (finally!), which allows me to pay up my car payments and get them back on schedule, as well as my phone, and have some shopping money for holiday gifts!
  • I’m getting cable TV today! HD DVRs, highest speed internet, wireless network,ย Showtime and The Movie Channel, and home phone ๐Ÿ˜€ I can’t wait!
  • I have no idea how to DVR, or what to DVR, so I’m counting on you guys to help me out. What should I DVR? What do you DVR? What’s your DVR guilty pleasure?
  • After 3 years of dating, Mr. P. and I still are two individuals. We still both have our own opinions and preferences that we feel strongly about. Although we can butt heads a bit when we disagree, we can still get over it.
  • I learned a curious thing about submission–well, not curious, just something I don’t think about a lot. I told Mr. P. to choose whatever movie he wanted to see because I was sure he’d pick one thing, but he ended up picking something else. You don’t always agree with the choices your spouse would make. How would I deal with that if it wasn’t just a movie I’d rather not see, but a city I’d rather not live in, or something equally as important? I don’t know; I’m still thinking.

I hope you all had a good weekend. I can’t wait to get home and kick my feet up this afternoon; I’m already tired.