See What Happens When I Let YOU Drive! Image by Ruukel via Flickr

I’d like to say thank you to whoever it was that chose me to be Freshly Pressed on Wednesday. I’ll have a full post about this later, once I finish replying to everyone and have a few moments of free time to compose my uber creative post about it. I’ve been actively trying to be Freshly Pressed for a while, but it was one of those things that happens when you least expect it (or when you stop crafting posts you think will be chosen and decide to just be you.

It’s been a long, rough week for a lot of people I know, myself included. People are getting work evaluations, evaluating themselves, deciding what goals to focus on for next year–tis the season for evaluating life (as well as getting serious). People are finding that when they slow down from the day to day hustle and bustle, they are off base with their goals, out of touch with themselves, and without any idea how to go about fixing it. My next post tonight, “Hurry Up & Slow Down” will give my starting point for fixing things (after I’ve panicked, of course).

Don’t worry that I’ve been so focused on the relationship with self the past few days that I’ve forgotten about all the other “ships.” In honor of my office Christmas party, I’m going to do a little post on Christmas parties and significant others. I am also doing a post (not a review on this blog) about For Colored Girls and how it almost caused me to be single!

I’m debating whether or not to continue doing interviews for the Marriage Kits. As of now, they are on hold until after the holidays, but I have two interviews and the second half of an interview that I still need to share.

Thank you to my faithful readers who’ve been reading me over the past year, and welcome to all the readers who’ve begun following my journey.

What am I missing? Hmm…Oh, I know!…But that’s for a whole other post. 😀

Suggestions and comments welcome.