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I know you’ve all been wondering what’s next for this blog? What is she going to pick back up, change, or revise? How’s she going to gear up for 2011? What’s next around the corner for Indigo Moods Blog and all things 2blu2btru? Well, I don’t have time to completely fill you in, but here’s a brief preview:

  • The Perfect mother (aka Mr. Perfect’s Mom) is asking when she is going to get her marriage kit interview. Apparently she is very excited about the prospect of talking about marriage with me (0_O…should I be afraid, y’all?), and thinks the project is a good idea. She isn’t the only person who’s asked me about it, and since my favorite psychologist has fully recovered, I’ve been re-energized to continue with the Marriage Kits.
  • I will be doing my year end wrap up and goals for 2011 posts soon.
  • I will make a cast of characters list so that you guys can keep up with who Mz.Independent is and why Mz.Trill is calling me to complain about men plural (LOL).
  • I’m going to play around with some new features.
  • I’m going to tell you what features I’ll be keeping (so tell me your favorites)
  • I’ll reveal my word of the year for 2011 (Hint: You should know what it is because I’ve used it a LOT…feel free to guess :D)
  • I have subscribed to a LOT of new relationship podcasts…so you KNOW I’ll have a lot of raw material soon.

In a random turn of events, I cooked a great meal late last night–fried pork chops, cheddar broccoli rice, and steamed broccoli. The night before that I had shrimp scampi over pasta. I love having groceries (and having time to cook)–eating out is rapidly becoming obsolete with me. My cooking is too good to be kept under a bushel!

Random: If you could see the Zemanta suggestions of pictures, articles and tags that came up for this post…and I thought I was random and hungry!

When I get off work tonight (my Friday this week), I’ll elaborate some more. Until then, speculate, lobby for your favorite things, or get reading to figure out what the heck I’m talking about. 😀