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Highlights for Children

These are my highlights of 2010! Not for children though... Image via Wikipedia

I didn’t want to close out my first full year of blogging on Indigo Moods without sharing some of my favorite posts of the year with you all (especially my new followers!). It’s taken me quite a while, but I’ve managed to pick my top 40 posts, and two bonus ones (well, actually, I just picked 42, but it sounded better this way…like a Top 40 music countdown 🙂 ) These posts fall into five categories: Familial Relationships, Introspective Posts, Relationship Therapy Posts, Relationship with God, and Fun Random Posts.

Relationship with God:

1. I wrote this post on God hardening Pharaoh’s heart in Exodus.

2. Remember Goofus & Gallant from the Highlights Magazines? I wrote about them, too!

3. You may not realize it, but Yoga class is like walking with God…find out how here.

4. You have no reason to be poor & pitiful; transition to praise with this inspiring post.

Familial Relationships

5. Ever wish you could keep your family young and innocent? I do.

6. I lost an aunt this year. Here’s my tribute to her.

Fun/Random Posts

I confessed a lot this year. My favorite confessions, and other silliness.

7. I hate working out.

8. I don’t finish what I start.

9. I don’t like being grown.

10. I was jealous of a cartoon character.

11. I’d rather get married than pump my own gas.

12. I was dissed by a phenomenal woman.

13. I posted an angry woman’s poem.

14. Raise your hand; you know this applies to you!

15. I love music 😀

16. Don’t you wish relationships came with disclaimers?

Introspective Posts

Every now and then, I like to look at myself and ask myself some questions

17. Is new really better?

18. Is life really like a tennis game?

19. What does it mean that I turned 25 this year?

20. Why does everyone seem to think there’s something wrong with being single?

21. How do I renew myself?

22. If I’m going to do it all, what would I need a man for?

Relationship Therapy Posts

Of course, the thing I questioned the most this year is relationships. Some of the most pressing questions

23. Am I too set in my ways to be married?

24. Does my relationship have a deadline/expiration date?

25. What happens when you get bored?

26. Does cheating mean the same thing to me as to him?

27. Are women’s lists keeping them single?

28. How important is a person’s income in relationships?

29. Why do couples ever do these things?

30. What is an open relationship?

31. How do I feel about open relationships?

32. Why isn’t an open relationship for me?

33. How do I feel about gender roles?

34. Why am I still thinking about gender roles in relationships?

35. Am I a good investment?

36. Are all men afflicted with Always Something Better Syndrome?

37. What does my minister think about marriage?

38. Why does my minister have so much to say about marriage? (LOL :D)

39. Do I look like a liability?

40. How does my church elder feel about marriage?

41. What is Beyoncé & ‘nem talkin’ ’bout, cater to him?

Of course, I couldn’t have a list of my top posts without this one:

42. The post that got me Freshly Pressed!

If you were looking for the best of my writing post, they can be found here.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this blog this year. I hope you all have too. In the next post, I’ll wrap up the year, and then the next post will be my goals for 2011 & my word of the year.