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Hint for my word of the year: I'm a Pisces Image via Wikipedia

I’m a Pisces. That usually means absolutely nothing to me, but the symbol has me thinking.

I watched a documentary about salmon once that chronicled their journey to get to their spawning  location. In order to get to this prime spot, they had to swim upstream. When trying to swim upstream, their bodies became soft, and many of them perished, not being able to sustain in such harsh conditions. Those that made it, the strongest and best equipped for the journey, were the ones who created the next generation.

Then there was the trip back to the ocean, downstream. This trip was physically easier for the salmon, but there were predators along the way. Many salmon were fished out of rivers and streams and eaten by bears. This seemed random and arbitrary. Did the smartest salmon swim in the middle and were they therefore less likely to be eaten, or was it the luck of the draw? Did they just go with the flow and let whatever happens to them happen?

For the past year, my word of the year has been accountability. This is the opposite of going with the flow. I’ve been trying to be aware of what’s going on in my life and not take a whatever happens happens approach. I’ve been keeping track of what I owe and who I owe, as well as how much I owe them. I have been working on being punctual, on being where I said I would be. I’ve worked on doing what I said I would do. Those things should continue to be a part of my life, but now I’m wondering what’s next for me. I’m all about progression and growth, and as little stock as I put into Zodiac signs, the Pisces fish (plural) reflect the two aspects of my approach to life. So should this year be a year of learning to go with the flow more? Or should it be a year of continuing to swim upstream, to progress against all odds?

I use my word of the year to frame the goals that I choose to pursue in my life for the next year. It’s the simple answer to what I’m doing with my life and hoping to accomplish in the short time span of a year. So which of these two warring parts of my nature will win this year?


The word for 2011 will be…balance.

It’s important for me to be aware and accountable in my life, but it’s also important for me to realize I don’t have to go against the grain and fight upstream all the time. Sometimes I have to let go. Sometimes I have to accept that things will change in ways I can’t anticipate and I’ll have to roll with the punches. I need to have a healthy balance between preparation and being able to take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves.

I’ve learned and grown in so many ways by being solely focused on accountability, and taking time to grow and just go with the flow, but now it’s time to combine them for optimum growth and progress.

I’ve been following other bloggers, such as those at To Be Determined and Eat.Drink.Breathe.Sweat, who have been struggling to maintain balance in their own lives. I’ve been thinking about the lack of balance in my life for a while, and what better time to focus on achieving balance than now?

My 2011 goals will be put up tomorrow; stay tuned!