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This is what I was trying to avoid today...fire ant colony! Image via Wikipedia

I’ve been having a rather productive day today, because I finally decided NOT to go with the flow with my car (OK, so it was kind of decided for me). My car has been a constant source of trouble lately, and I wanted to be more proactive about keeping it up, but I have been putting it off in favor of seeing to other things. I got a tire replaced that was in major need of a replacement last week, and I was supposed to do some things yesterday, but again, I was putting it off.

Then I suffered an infestation. Yes, an infestation. Little red ants were in my car! After I managed to kill them all, I began to clean the inside of the car. Then I took the car in to have the oil changed and the windshiel wiper blades replaced (two things that should have been done before the new year). Now my car’s interior is clean, it’s riding better, and I’m not dodging rain like Neo in the matrix (Well, at least not in my car).

I also got my laundry card today and set up my online account for my apartment. I’m getting my calendar all set up and making my first attempts to organize my apartment.

But I also have to remember to go with the flow a bit too, and to ensure that I don’t swing too fair into Type A personality mode. Yesterday was all about going with the flow. I made breakfast at noon, although I had been up for ages, for Mr. Perfect and I, who had been working from home. Then there was the NCIS marathon, Shutter Island, Panda Express, and episodes of Martin. It’s amazing what a marvel of nothingness I accomplished!

Today has been mostly about taking care of business, after my stomach settled down (last night’s Panda Express so late was a bad idea) and was able to get some rest, but the rest of the night is for relaxing. I’m thinking hot bubble bath after a few episodes of Lie to Me: Season Two. I’m still feeling a little gamey from the rough night, and I need to be at 110% for tomorrow, if I am to survive the day. Tomorrow will be laundry day and possibly gym day for me…followed by hot shower and rest the rest of the evening. I’m sure tomorrow’s post will actually be about something. 😀

Happy New Year!