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Sierra Mist Wins!

Sierra Mist wins... except in my living room. Image by Eric Kilby via Flickr

It’s actually 5 in the morning on the seventh. Yes, I missed a day this early. I didn’t want to ruin a nice post by placing this apology at the top, and I wanted to get back on track as soon as possible. I am in a sorority, and I pledged, so I know exactly what excuses are, but I do have an explanation for my early stumble.

After being profoundly productive at work today, I continued my productivity by paying bills, mailing letters, walking around my complex, and shelving a few more books. I organized the months bills and looked through everything I could lay hands on to find the two missing Netflix DVDs that I still have to send back (to no avail). Not feeling like cooking, I went to grab something to eat and talked to Mz. Trill on the phone until I got back. I sat in front of my TV watching “World’s Dumbest,” intent on watching for a while before posting and taking a bath.

After midnight I woke up, reached for my soda (hot and tasteless, as only Sierra Mist can become…Sprite would have held me down), then lay back and fell asleep again. I woke up again at three and managed to clear away my dinner remnants and get in bed. Two more hours of TV, I turned it off and tried to sleep. Realizing that wasn’t working, here I sit, explaining myself.

The goal, then, it to see if my On Demand works and get in a workout, post for today (the 7th), then get ready for work. I apologize for slipping so early, but I don’t intend for it to happen again, and I’m going to keep soldier on.

We fall down, but we get up,