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Image by sailorwind via Flickr

Today has been a slow day, namely because I haven’t been feeling well. I have had breakouts on my back and my face, which seem to be an allergic reaction. I think something that I ate must have had orange in it (I’m allergic to oranges and chocolate). I’ve been feeling itchy all day, tired and headachy. Other than feeling like I’d tumbled through a thicket of poison ivy and bumped my head on the way down, there was the hair thing.

I had wanted to wash, condition, blow dry and flat iron my hair today, so I made the effort. A lady at church recommended a blow dry treatment that was supposed to help with frizz and get it straighter.  (Sidenote: I don’t use chemicals on my hair. I’ve never colored, relaxed, permed, texturized, or chemically straightened my hair with a keratin treatment. The only thing I’ve had in my hair is a protein treatment. I wouldn’t say I have natural hair, because I flat iron it and wear it straight. I love my straight hair.)  I decided to give this treatment a try.

After I pulled it out, I noticed it involved using gloves and talked about processing the hair. It adviced that you shouldn’t use any other chemical processes such as relaxers with it. What the what? No, thank you. I did, however, find a good, all natural olive & sunflower oil detangler.

I managed to get all of my hair washed and mostly blow-dried/flat ironed before I gave in to needing a rest. So here I sit with 2/3 of my hair straight and 1/3 nappy wavy/curly. I’m too tired to actually finish it tonight.  I hope this isn’t indicative of my year.

Like many of you, I usually start of the year well. I start off in the best position I’ll be in all year, but usually it begins to go downhill pretty quickly. I find myself limping across the finish line, struggling to get back to par. I want this year to be different thanthe past few years in that regard. I want to build upon the momentum that I have. I want to stay conscious and plugged into what’s going on in the areas of my life in which I’ve developed goals to pursue.

Today, I’m challenging myself to follow through. For this month, week, day, I will follow through on all of my short term goals. I will try not to bite off more than I can chew. I will not call out sick with this allergic reaction…maybe.

The Itchy & Scratchy Show,