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Inconvenience of Life I, Dec 2007.

This is called Inconvenience of Life I...yeah... Image via Wikipedia

It’s taken me a while to get over the snake that was in my door on Tuesday. It would have been one thing if it hadn’t fell into my apartment, catching me off guard, coiled up like a cursive word, but it did. Then it stayed still. I don’t know if he was in the middle of a deep sleep or what, but he didn’t move until the maintenance man attempted to rake him up and deposit him in the bushes. Now I’m paranoid. I am afraid to open my door, afraid he’s going to be there, waiting for me to open the door so he can take advantage of my heat.

In all honesty, that snake reminded me of some people that I know. Some people are just an inconvenience to everyone they encounter, as well as to the people that have to be called and consulted on how to deal with the inconvenience. Some people are just looking for a place to enjoy some creature comforts without regard to who they might be inconveniencing. The real difference is in life, there usually isn’t a maintenance man we can call to remove these unwanted pests or drive them off (unless the police are involved, but that’s a whole other issue entirely).

So how do you get rid of these unwanted interlopers, these inconveniences in our lives? How can we be good friends, family members, wives, husbands, and children without being doormats? How do you set limitations and boundaries for our relationships?

There are a few ways to work this situation that I’ll share with you…at a later date. Until then, feel free to tell me about how you deal with inconvenience and interlopers.  


Thoughts from the cubicle: I need to find a new route to/from work. Between school buses and construction, and people making u-turns in inconvenient places, I keep getting to work stressed and upset and needing a Sprite.