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I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that many of my posts from last month and this month have one thing in common: they are about the individual and his relationship to his/her own life. This has been very deliberate. Starting with my post The Season for Getting Serious, I wanted to focus my attention for the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011 on myself (or yourself, if any of this can be applied to you). So, in case you were wondering what happened to all of those interesting posts on love, relationships, marriage, friendships, work relationships, and more of my randomness…they will be returning!

I checked my subscribers for the first time in months today, and have found that I went from eight to twenty-five subscribers for this site alone! Yes, my friends, blog world domination is in site, LOL. Seriously, thanks and welcome to all of those new subscribers…and to all of the lurkers who just read and never say anything–to me at least. I’ve been guilty of reading blogs and talking about them with people and not sharing the comment love with the blogger myself.

I’ve seen other bloggers ask everyone who reads to leave a comment; well, I won’t force anyone to that doesn’t want to, but I’m interested in a few things (pertaining to my blog or in general, please specify if necessary): What type of posts do you read? How do you read (subscription, email, google or other reader, bookmark)? How often do you read?

Changes are afoot, friends and neighbors. I’m going to make a separate page for my blogroll–and update it to actually reflect the blogs that I read and enjoy commenting on. I’m also getting rid of the twitter feed in favor of a simple button (suggestions on where to get one I can use in the free version of wordpress are welcome!). If you really want to know what I tweet about, you can follow me, right? I’m going to make room for a category cloud or listing, so if you really love TMPDKAM (Things Mr. P. Doesn’t Know About Me) posts, or you just love my Confessional posts, you can find all of them in one place.

Since I’m posting every day for the PostADay challenge here, and weekly for the PostAWeek challenge in both Copywrite1985, my writing blog, and 2blu2btru’s Reviews, my blog of movie, music, television, workout routines, food, and whatever else reviews, be sure to check back often for new content, send encouragement, tweet or email me feedback…whatever floats your boat or finds your lost remote. Oh, and if you have any thoughts from your cubicle you want to share, feel free!




Thoughts from the Cubicle: The whole “it’s 2 years later” thing was a big issue for people who watch “The Game,” wasn’t it? And color…should I post about it? Nah, then I’d have to watch the show. (They going to pull my card for this one)