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Weekend Warrior (album)

This may not be how I look, but it's how I feel... Image via Wikipedia

I have no idea why I try to do anything at the weekend. I’m sure the only reason is because the weekend is the only time I’m not at work. It’s the only time I have to get done all the minial tasks I don’t do during the week, like laundry. The only problem is, it’s also the time that I get to spend time with Mr. Perfect and once a month I travel an hour and a half down the road to do my second job for a whole Saturday. Most times I end up stuffing so much into Saturday and Sunday that I’m not exactly rested when I return to the rat race on Mondays.

This weekend is a pretty good example of why I’m still tired and may have dark circles on Mondays. I only got to scarf down a small portion of lunch because I spent my lunch hour paying bills (like a responsible adult…what what? I’m on a roll!). On Friday after work, I came home and sorted through all of the clothes I’ve been avoiding meaning to wash that have accumulated. I got through three loads in my complex’s laundry room, then came back and hung it all up in my closet. After such exertions, I curled up with a book and read until I got sleepy and went to sleep. I’d meant to post all the blogs I have written in a little notebook that I write during lunch, but have magically not posted all week (they will magically appear today), but I was too tired.

Saturday morning I awoke early because my aunt was coming to bring me a entertainment center she’d had in her house that I could put some of my books and DVDs in as well as my bedroom TV and DVR. I washed dishes and cleaned the dining room table befor taking a YogaWorks BodySlim yoga break. I got through twenty-five sweaty minutes of alternating cardio and slow burn yoga moves (starting out with moves that create a burning sensation in your abs SOUNDS like a good idea; however…), I called it a day. I called my aunt, who was supposed to call when she was leaving, to discover she was maybe an hour away. Hilarity ensued as I cleared the space I wanted the TV to go, emptied the containers she let me borrow, straightened up the bathroom, and generally tried not to look like the reason I’m not married is because I can’t keep a house (I failed, by the way… le sigh, as a bloggy friend would say).

Once my aunt and uncle arrived with the entertainment center (and the awesome armchair I’m lounging in now…and a dresser) and Mr. Perfect arrived to help move it, we began the task of moving it. It had gotten a little banged up in the move, and that, combined with removing pieces here and there to make it lighter, etc. proved to be too much for the pressed wood entertainment stand; it fell apart in a shower of nails, locking screws, and chunks of wood. My uncle pronounced it would never go back together, but we brought the pieces inside anyway. Mr. Perfect and I decided to regroup and then refocus on that later. 

Mr. Perfect and I went to breakfast at Shoney’s (yes, we still have one) for the breakfast buffet…even though it was noon. After breakfast, Mr. Perfect logged in to work and finished a work assignment before we had to head down for my second job (well, “we” didn’t have to go, but I like the company on the ride, especially when I know I’ll be coming back late). Hilarity ensued (again) once I got there, and I didn’t leave until 10:30, and didn’t arrive back home until nearly midnight. We made an emergency stop at McDonald’s to get something to eat (our first meal since Shoney’s at nine).

Today I have to get a phone (since I paid a deposit for it and it’s included in my combo deal. It will also make the drive I took yesterday largely  unnecessary…whoo hoo for saving gas and travel time!) with a fax, look into entertainment stands and computer desks, go to church, get groceries, watch the playoffs with Mr. Perfect, and try not to fall asleep. I just woke up, and I’m sleeply already.

Am I the only one who has these weekends where you spend more time working and scurrying than relaxing?  How do you create a little relaxation, a little me time, in your busy weekends?