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This past weekend, Mr. Perfect and I visited the real Lover’s Lane–IKEA! *Before you run off, feeling duped and mislead, hear me out…

Back when I was in Michigan, they used to show commercials for a lingerie boutique called Lover’s Lane. They had commercials for every season and holiday as well as standard commercials, even for Mother’s Day & Father’s Day. The Mother’s & Father’s Day commercials usually included a kid or two (usually with a seductive voice telling you to “put the kids to bed”). I always wondered, watching these commercials, “Is this all there is? Is that ALL lover’s do?” Never mind the poor children who always had to go to bed!

In IKEA, I found the answer. It was obvious that there weren’t a lot of single people (in any sense, as in unmarried people) traipsing around, looking for furniture to take home (alone) and assemble (alone). There was no shortage of children. There was an area to drop children off, but most people chose to keep their children with them. I was interested in why they may be. I mean, I’m not into assembling bookshelves and futons by myself either, but it had to be deep than that.

Two words came to mind as I watched couples consult over wood colors and styles:permanent love. Permanent love is what those Lover’s Lane commercials seemed to be missing. When you begin to make your house or apartment into a “permanent” home (as in as long as you plan on being there; maybe you are still saving for your permanent, permanent home) for your family, you’re making a statement that you are together.

Choosing and furnishing a home are some of the first challenges a couple has to work through after making their couplehood permanent. You have to consider, perhaps for the first time, another’s tastes and sense of style. You have to communicate & compromise (those dirty C words). You have to consider longevity a& stability of the product, along with the design (we won’t even get into child friendly or child safety furnishings!). You have to consider how best to consolidate two people’s junk possessions. You may even have to throw some things away.

Watching couples hold hands & corral kids while discussing the merits of entertainment centers in blond wood versus brown/black, I felt a little twinge of…not envy, exactly, but intense…detachment. I thought it was wonderful to see, but I may as well have been at home watching a thirty second commercial. It doesn’t feel like that, or the Lover’s Lane commercials (especially the LL commercials!) will ever be my life. I still feel like one of those kids running around. It was one of those weird moments where real, ordinary life seems epic and fascinating again, like something to be studied.

What unusual (or usual) places have you witnessed the true nature of love? Have any random thoughts about IKEA? Have you seen/Do you remember those Lover’s Lane commercials?


Thoughts from the cubicle: This new playlist of mine is poppin’…it’s poppin…it’s poppin’…maybe I should download Lil Mama’s Lip Gloss and Willow Smith’s Whip my Hair and put them on a playlist together…EPIC! LOL