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Thank God it’s Friday! This week has been a long one for me, with many highlights and lowlights to be examined. First of all, I wanted to let you all know that I have been considering improvements on this blog–content-wise, and design-wise. You may have noticed that I took the twitter feed off of the side bar (you can still follow my blogs on twitter here). The blogroll is going to be taken off and relocated to a separate pageI added the Categories List so you can see what I write about frequently, and find other feature posts or items that you’re interested in (such as Things Mr. P. Doesn’t Know About Me). Don’t forget to check me out on 2o-Something Bloggers by clicking the 2oSB badge. I would appreciate any thoughts on the changes thus far to the design.

Content-wise, I’ve seen a renewed interest in the marriage kits. I feel like I am back at a place where I can focus on those. I have people with different experiences that I can talk to (people who did live together before marriage, people who are not in their first marriage, people who are married to people who have differing religious beliefs or no religious beliefs, people who are counselors, psychologists, and so forth, people who are serial marriers (if their is such a word)). I also found a cheap affordable digital recorder that I plan on purchasing so that I can better render answers to questions and freestyle a bit more. I am working on new questions for the new experiences I’ll be documenting, and I want you to add any questions you may have for these people with at least ten years of marriage experience.

I am participating in the postaday2011 challenge on this blog. I missed a few days and have been going back and uploading the things I wrote for those missed days, so please feel free to go back through January and see all the good content you may have missed. I’m thinking of highlighting my posts for the week in each Freestyle Friday going forward.

Last blog-related thing: Thoughts From the Cubicle, my little blurbs at the end of each post–are you guys liking that new feature, or is it too much access to my random thoughts?

This week I tried a new exercise, Body Attack. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen my trepidation at taking a class called Body Attack. I used to have a teacher who quipped, “After one of my exams, you will feel examined.” Well, after Body Attack, my body did feel attacked! I hadn’t taken a cardio class at the gym, and let me tell you, I was DYING to call it a day at the first water break (of all of five seconds), but I made myself continue, and I’m proud of myself for finishing it. It involved a lot of running and jogging in place, which I thought would be too much for my feet (as I’ve tried running and develop a foot pain in my arches after a few minutes), but after a few twinges, I didn’t feel anything. Maybe the foot pain is just a mental barrier I needed to break through, or maybe something else had to hurt to get my mind off of it. 😉 The major problem is I have no rhythm, which was exacerbated by the fact I couldn’t breathe and had no idea what moves were coming next. Aside from sounding like an old smoker afterwards (my exercise induced asthma makes me cough/weeze like an aging chronic smoker), I enjoyed myself. I promised my workout buddy I’d go back next week and see how I like it.

This weekend is much needed for me, and I can’t wait to relax and enjoy it. I also can’t wait to hear from you guys, so keep the comments coming! *Note: The related articles have been freestyled as well and do not necessarily reflect the views of this blog or this blog’s creator.