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Ladies and Gentleman, Mr. Perfect's Birthday! Image via Wikipedia

Today was Mr. Perfect’s birthday. I spent a lot of time this morning preparing my day so that I could: find a book for a book club I joined, get a library card, and get stamps from the post office before I helped Mr. Perfect celebrate.

I managed to find every book under the sun (except the book I was looking for), as well as solidify plans for my own book club (details to come soon) while picking up Mr. Perfect’s gift (yes!). I finally got a library card, fell in love at Books A Million, and the used book shop in the quaint little downtown here (which I explored this morning).

I bought Mr. Perfect very practical gifts this year (in retrospect, I always buy him very practical gifts. I bought him a book on Java (a computer language–I think) and an all-in-one Building Websites for Dummies book, both of which are things he wanted to pursue this year (learning Java and refining his website building skills).

After presenting Mr. Perfect with his gifts, I took him to lunch at Sonny’s BBQ.  After eating a satisfying meal of BBQ pork and carbohydrates, we walked around the mall to kill time (and drink or LARGE to go drinks), before finding a movie. The regular movie theater didn’t have anything that he really wanted to see, so we went to the dollar movie theater and saw Faster (which was pretty good). All in all, Mr. Perfect seemed to really enjoy his gifts and his birthday, and I was happy I could treat him for the day. 😉

In a very introspective, me-centric month, it was nice to think about someone else for a change, and to spend a little time indulging myself without judging. I think everyone should examine and evaluate themselves, but you should also reward yourself and do for others, try to make someone else’s day. All in all, a relaxing day full of balance, if you ask me.

Happy Birthday, honey!