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The Balanced Rock formation

The Balanced Rock formation...this is how my head feels Image via Wikipedia

Today was crappy. The kind of crappy that makes you want to go home, have a hot bath, and cuddle under the covers with sexy Englishmen who solve crimes. The details of my crappy work day are not interesting enough to carry a post, despite the impact it had on my mood for the day.

What is really bothering me is how hard it seems to be to stay balanced. After all, that is the goal for the year, to be balanced. Yet, instead of achieving balance, in these earlier stages of the year, I find myself seesawing wildly between great successes and great shortcomings, my arms pinwheeling and my my torso swaying on unsteady legs. I find myself constantly trying to get back level.

A few setbacks in the workday shouldn’t bring me down from corporate superstar to beleagured paper-pusher. The priority that others place on what I do shouldn’t supercede my own. But somehow, it does. Developing a consistent attitude towards work irrespective of how the day goes or how other people view my job or place in the pecking order is just one of the areas I’m finding it hard to find my balance.

Yesterday was a bit of a seesaw ride itself, for entirely different reasons. I’m struggling to steady myself personally, spiritually, career-wise, and mentally. Some days are definitely harder than others. Overall, the year is progressing well. I’m further along than I was last year, at least.

Are you finding any of your resolutions hard to keep already? What adjustments can you make to get yourself back on track? How is the year progressing for you so far?