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Millionaire Matchmaker

Image by freeloosedirt via Flickr

I love Patti Stanger’s “The Millionaire Matchmaker.” As someone who blogs about relationships, I can appreciate her unique advice and gut intuition. On her most recent episode (*note: this was actually written a long time ago…just getting around to publishing it)–which featured the creepiest guy ever)–she told one guy , who was in danger of falling for the girl Patti threw in as a test (oh his new no bimbo stance) to ask the girls he was considering if they would relocate for love. Good question.

I don’t know if you’ve ever asked this question or if someone has asked you , but I’ve had some associations with it. There’s even a country song entitled, “Would You Go With Me?”

A person’s decision to move (and ask this question) is dependent on many factors. Perhaps they got a better job offer or accepted to their dream school. Maybe they want to be closer to family or live in a different climate. It could even be they don’t like the people or amenities where they are as much as somewhere else, or any combination of these things. But how would you determine what answer you give, or whether or not to ask?

It’s easier to answer as an abstract question than it is when you’re invested. Is it contingent on you finding a job? Do you need the ring? Does it matter the weather as long as you’re together? Does it matter how far you’ll be moving? Is your heart battling your head on this one? How serious does the relationship have to be?

At the core of this, and most issues in love, are a few issues: trust, whether to decide with your heart or head, and faith (future perception). Do you think rationally through everything, or jump heart/gut first? Which has the most weight? Does past experience color your decision?

This isn’t one of those things I have a steadfast opinion on either way. You tell me: would you relocate for love?