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You may have notice there’s a blog post from 2009 stuck to the top of this page; that’s my first ever blog post on WordPress! I stuck it up there to give new visitors an idea about who I am and what this blog is about. After reading it, I’m sooo not that person anymore, and this blog is not that blog anymore. So, a compromise. I will write a new “always on the front page” post, and simply include a link for people like me who want to go all the way to the beginning & read through when they find a good blog.

My Neighbors Think I’m Crazy

I have my digital recorder! *Wild cheers and Applause* I was up at 1 am this morning, talking to myself like a crazy person, testing out this thing. I was so tired I kept trying to figure out how I would save each interview on there if I only had 70 minutes; it’s actually 70 hours. Clearly it was way past my bedtime.

I played around with some eBooks, trying to see if both eBook readers (Kindle & Nook are only eReaders, for purpose of this post), that I liked. I decided that whichever one I get, I will get the other’s application for the computer (see? I can buy wonderful, bigger, touchscreen enabled nookColor while enjoying slightly more extenisve independent black author library of Kindle). Truthfully, of the titles I looked for, they were pretty equally available and priced for both devices (with one glaring omission). Besides, this does not preclude me from just getting the book in paperback or hardback if it’s unavailable in eBook format, as I will always love “real” books. Hmm…my birthday is coming up, so maybe I will know by then which to spend birthday money on, if either.

And Now For Something Completely Different

I wanted to make these Freestyle Friday posts more dynamic, fun, and user friendly, so I’ve been trolling around seeing what other blogs are doing, and I’ve come up with a fun spin on the traditional randomness. I propose doing a “Week in Review” sort of thing in addition to (not to replace) the delicious randomness I engage in now. I will remind you of my better posts for the week, as well as other great posts I’ve read around the blogosphere, and news in general. An example would be me telling you to read about me defending my non-religious , non-meditating, westernized yoga practice, admonishing you to read Sepia’s post where she confesses (in a beautifully honest piece) to cheating (with a little twist), and saying for shame to the woman who kidnapped a baby twenty-three years ago. Get it? OK.

 This is what I’ve found fascinating this week:

Moving On…

I joined a book club! The Dashing and Daring Bloggerista Book Club, hosted by kendall, marissa, and nina. We are going to start discussing our first book, I Heart New York soon. I’m sure there’s still space if you want to join in the discussion. Fire up your comfy chair, and your book mark or eReader!

Speaking of book clubs, I’m thinking of starting my own with some books I’ve heard about through the wonderful ladies who host 3 Chicks on Lit on blog talk radio and other books that I like the sound of. I just love swapping stories about books! I want it to have a mixture of men and women, because some of the books topics…I just know I’ll need a male perspective. I will only give you guys a couple titles as a teaser (and to show how random this book club will be: Hiding in Hip Hop, Why Black Men Love White Women, and Wasted: A Memoir. You know you want some of this book club! More details to come.

That’s all I have for today. Please feel free to leave your two cents in the comments section.