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It’s almost midnight and I want to make sure that I post everyday this month. I wanted to get some thoughts on this topic of the representative before I go into it anyway. So, if you please, answer the following questions either as an email or in the comments section:

  1.   How authentic are you on a first date on a scale of 1-10 (1 being the least authentic and 10 being the most authentic)?
  2.      Do you have any “added features” (weave, makeup, colored contacts) or flattering features (body magic, spanx) on a first date?
  3.       When is the earliest you will go makeup free?
  4.        What are things you wouldn’t reveal on a first date/early in the relationship?
  5.        Has your authenticity (or lack thereof) ever cost you a relationship?
  6.        Do you sometimes set unrealistic expectations for future looks/behavior early on in the relationship?
  7.        How long can someone hide their true nature?
  8. How real is too real for first dates?
  9. Would you go on a first date without makeup or a professional hairstyle?
  10. Is there anything wrong with “sending your representative” early on in a relationship? Is all truly fair in love and war?