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I’m in a bit of a hurry(I overslept this morning–gah!), but I’m still committed to bringing you the link love and reflecting on a great week of blogging and living. Before I get into the links, my week:

I had a really great prayer/ early morning meditation yesterday. I realized after I started praying that I don’t pray prayers of thanksgiving, or prayers focused solely on others and not myself, so instead of hurrying through the thanksgiving part of my prayer to get to “the good part,” I continued to find things to be thankful for. After this I moved on to prayers for others. It was amazing how I remembered so many prayer requests from others, or remembered what was going on with so many others who might need prayer. I found myself looking for people to pray for yesterday, and adding things to my mental list of things I’m grateful for. It was weird; I felt just as good as if I’d poured out every small qualm and gotten it off of my chest, yet I hadn’t really said anything about myself. But then I realized when I prayed for certain situations, I was included in the number who needed that prayer. Well, it’s something to think about at least.

I’m Not Hungover, Sir! How Dare You?

I’m sitting here blinking & eye rubbing, face rubbing, with a slightly queasy/green about the gills look. I’m not hungover, though. I’m a bit sleep deprived, a little bored, and terribly uncertain of what the future holds. OK, so that last has ben everyday for a while now.

Link Love

Here’s my week’s list of great blog posts:

  • Sepia– Break ups with guys aren’t the only ones that hurt: Break Up Post
  • Kat Richter enjoys paying her taxes. Find out why here
  • Why it’s important to be equally yoked
  • Are you confused about the lyrics to Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA”? See it broken down here.
  • You may get a hundred Nos, but it only takes one yes.
  • Amy asks: “Do you know the purpose of your practice?”
  • JustMarried Girl had a dream she was engaged to James Franco. Find out more here.
  • Southern Girl in the City profiles Black entrepreneurs.
  • What would you finally do if you were free from distractions & could write?
  • Catherine hosts a guest blogger who states a lot can happy in a year.

In Case You Missed It

Here are my two best posts of the week: Real Independent Women and College Prep!

I Did it Again

I’ve been feeling a little crowded out of this blog lately by all of my focused content. I have nowhere to update you on work or my budget successes/failures, nowhere to write about my trip to the zoo, road rage incidents, etc. I try to tie things into relationships here, or reviews or writing on other blogs, but I’m still without a place to brag about what I cooked last night. These Freestyle Friday posts just aren’t big enough to hold the random bits, such as getting tips from you on buying underwear and workout gear, workouts to try, and “lady” related things (I want men to comment here, and we know how they get when lady talk comes up). Lastly, I want to be long winded again, say God God God God God all day if I want, and be completely irrelevant. Enter my personal blog.

What I Wanted to Say is not new. I’ve had it since last May to chronicle things I…well, wanted to say that didn’t fit Indigo Moods. It was my second blog. Some things on there are a bit more personal than I wanted to be without being anonymous (and my cover is largely blown on this blog between Twitter & Facebook) so how to resolve the issue of room for me? Some of these private issues I still want feedback on. What to do? Then it hit me–password protection & private posts, and writing everything else freely. Yay!

So now, I can swap workout playlist/routines, budgeting tips, awkward questions, work/career goals/advice, lady bits and poetrywith you in a cozynew (ish) space!

For all things relationships- Indigo Moods. For all things writing/reading–Copywrite1985. For all things movie, TV, music review related–2blu2btru’s Reviews. For all things 2blu2btru–What I Wanted to Say!

Happy Reading 🙂