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You read that write. Today, in the spirit of gift giving, I’m letting you in on a little surprise: I’m having guest posts this month! I felt, since this is the month of love, I would share the love with you. I am blessed to have many male friends, fellow church members, associates, and etc. who have a lot to say about relationships. Not only are they male, but young college educated, job-having Black men–the Holy Grail of single Black women. Many of these men are single. So, if you wanted to know about the male perspective, you’re going to get it.

I want you to know that I gave these men few guidelines and did NOT tell them what to write. I told them they could write about anything pertaining to love and relationships. I say this to say I’m in no way responsible for what these men choose to discuss. They are picking their own subjects and telling their own points of view. For those who have websites, twitter, facebook and such who want them displayed, I will provide that information for you to go yell at them (LOL).

I haven’t had a lot of male input on this blog, so I’m very excited to play host to the educated Black male mind.

If you have any specific questions for the men, I can pass them along. I’m thinking I can get a few of them on a roundtable to discuss the most popular questions. Tell your friends, and submit their questions, too. You can leave a question/comment in the comment’s section, or email me at 2blu2btru4u@gmail.com (2blu2btru4u at gmail dot com).