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Since I had to help change a flat tire (not mine, thank goodness! Sorry Mr. P)and deal with a thousand other things (my father’s manuscript, side hustle work overload), this Freestyle Friday is just going to be Link Love. Enjoy, my lovely bloggy friends!

I’ve found quite a few interesting religious posts this week. Sam Barrington at Sam I Am shared some facts and introduced a sermon series on Song of Solomon in his post “Pursuit: Love, Sex, and Beauty.” Asharismith poses an interesting question in her piece Using the Bible to Bed the Ladies. Living by Spoken Dreams tells the Lord she’s listening. My good blogging friend Sepia Brown discusses forgiveness (and singlehood–P.S. Sepia–my post on the Importance of Being Single can be found here!). BRDavison argues the sufficiency of scripture. John Markum challenges us to increase our giving by 1%. I’ve increased my subscriptions to blog about God, faith, and Christianity, and I’m sure there are many more nuggets to come.

I’ve also come across some good yoga/fitness blogs. I’ve been following ndodds’ journey to be a yoga instructor on Eat.Pray.Namaste for a while now. I especially enjoyed this post encouraging us to speak out in yoga class and make sure we are truly aligned. I finally found an answer to the question “What is a yogi?” on Down Dog Blog. Jess at Eat.Drink.Breathe.Sweat started a good discussion on whether fitness is a learned behavior.

I’m going to break a rule and give you a link that was NOT posted within the last week. I just found this blog and this poem struck me so much I just had to share it. I found the poem, “Conception” over on Confessions of a Thinkaholic. Go check it out.

In the relationship genre. Ashy to Classy strikes again when he asks the age old question with a twist: why can’t you turn a [garden tool] into a housewife? Pretty Brown Girl expounds on selfishness with regards to a long fought battle in Stuck on Selfish Pt. 1- Relationships vs. Career.
In the general/life category. Ashy to Classy has another great post this week. This one¬†compares life to a dice game. No Busy Signal posted a thought provoking read “The Death of Common Sense.” Jo pondered many areas of life in her “Have You Ever” post (I added a few of my own in the comments section!). MissMitten compares her life to a movie in a different way than you may suspect in “My Life, Take 28.” A Hindsight Letter Guest Submission that made me think: “Your Waistline Will Thank You.” Southern Girl in the City highlights a great company in this week’s “Young Entrepreneur Series” post.

Stuff Southern People like blogger girloutofdixie is one of my favorite bloggers. I love her blog. She highlights so many things from my family and cultural upbringing in her blog that I feel like she’s been rooting around in my memory bank. Check out this hilarious edition of Stuff Southern People like: “73. Makeup.”

Those are all of the links I have for you guys today! Be sure to check out my writing links over at Copywrite1985!