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The Social Network

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Yes, you read that right and yes, it’s a lot. The thing is, I got so bogged down by the end of February after writing so many posts about romantic relationships and love, that I realized writing about just one specific thing, even if it had many facets, all month was very taxing. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoyed February’s posts (and I hope you did, too). What I didn’t enjoy was having to keep so many things for later because it didn’t fit with the theme for the month. Romantic and relationship posts and I need a mini vacation. That being said, I still have a recorder and notebook full of marriage kit interviews and a many more to schedule. So I can’t completely put them on the backburner (hence marriage in the title). But what about the other things?

Money is a favorite subject of mine with regards to relationships. I’ve used money as an analogy to talk about aspects of relationships, as well as raising the question of joint accounts/paying bills, and how important income is in a relationship, but there are so much more to be said about money. What about your relationship to your money? Are you a spender or a saver? The great debate of whether to pay down debt vs. building an emergency fund needs to be brought up. Are you financially fit for dating (I didn’t think of that…Good Housekeeping’s guide to marriage (1934, I believe) provided this as a consideration)? How much should you put down on a house? Etc.

I want to talk about the effect of media on relationships. I touched this briefly in the piece “We Used to Be More Than Facebook Friends,” but it was one tiny aspect of how media has an affect on our relationships. I want to talk about celebrity/fame, and the effect it has on both the celebrity and on those who follow celebrity news for trends, etc. Another area I want to touch is social media and the creation of celebrity. Social media has changed the way people are “discovered” and how stars manage their brand image (another favorite topic of mine).  You can make yourself a star now. Lastly, I want to talk about the effects of social media on relationships, both friendship and romantic. I want to look at friendship from both the people you actually know in real life as well as those made online. Is social media diluting our relationships–both friendship and romantic? Is it changing how we make friends? What has online dating done to change the way we select possible mates?

Manners. I’ve always loved learning about manners and etiquette (not that I have many ;-)) Being able to act appropriately in social situations, learning how to entertain colleagues of you or your spouse, writing an invitation or a thank you note, writing letters, seating charts, knowing how to give a welcome introduction are all enviable skills. Also, how do you network? How do you network with influential people you don’t necessarily like? Emily Post, Good Housekeeping, Southern Living, and cook books, here I we come!

Mayhem is the random fun that you all have enjoyed from me in the past. I am bringing back Things Mr. P. Doesn’t Know About Me (TMPDKAM), and Make it Like Poetry! I have been thinking of new TMPDKAM, and so far, I have five new ones thought up. People seem to enjoy those, so I’ve brought them back. I’m sure there’ll be other mayhem, but can you really plan for mayhem? 😀

The personal blog is going to be changing, too. I’m thinking of continuing Monday Meditations and Wednesday Wisdoms over there, as well as sharing playlists, reviewing exercise routines I’ve tried, asking for advice on certain lady things, and enjoying being me and talking about my life with no particular focus or purpose. Copywrite1985 continues to be about writing and reading, and 2blu2btru’s Reviews is going to be ramped up. I have a TON of reviews to upload, including reviews on The Social Network and the Blindside, as well as TV  and TV on DVD Obsessions such as In The Bedroom with Dr. Laura Berman and Reaper. This month promises to be filled to the brim, no matter which of my blogs you choose to follow. 

March Madness has arrived!