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I was all set to share my thoughts from the cubicle at the bottom of my post, but then I’d write them down and forget to put them on the post. So, here are my thoughts from the cubicle, in post length form:

*Ever want to shake your computer like an Etch-a-Sketch? I do, especially when I make a mistake or the computer freezes. Restarting takes to long and is the IT first suggestion for every problem.

*I saw a woman with the biggest sprayed on helmet of 80s hair I’ve ever seen. How much does she spend on hairspray a year?

*Two years is a big issue w/The Game, huh? And Color: should I post about it? Nah, I’d have to watch it then. I haven’t watched The Game since the first few episodes.

*I can’t breathe & my desk has paper dust tumbleweed. Maybe I should clean? Nah. I’ll do it tomorrow.

*My scanner software has decided it’s not working today; can I not work, either? We should both be off, right?

*Talking to “Naomi” is like talking to that chick on The Cosby Show that talks really fast. I know exactly what she’s saying, but I feel like I’m talking to JJ Fad–“Supersonic”

*Note to self: Never tell cutesy blonde at pub light ice: have enough ice to refreeze polar cap or reverse global warming in cup (It was a Bridget Jones’ Diary day)

*I know it’s just a seal, Nova Scotia, but why does this divorce certificate look so pretty (like a certificate of attendance)–and who gets divorced on my birthday??

*I just had the most disheartening realization going over my job description: not only has my career growth been stagnant, I haven’t learned anything job related (outside of scanning) in nearly 3 years! It seemed to astonish HR that I scan 40 hours a week and only use one program. Yes, that’s really the extent of my duties. Yes, I think it’s sad too. Yes, I do go crazy; ask my blog followers.

In the next installments of Thoughts from the cubicle, my first time covering the reception desk, and my first time going downstairs to the law department.