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Thomas Longboat (Cogwagee), an Onondaga distan...

Thomas Longboat (Cogwagee), an Onondaga distance runner Image via Wikipedia

Good morning, Friends & Neighbors! It’s been a long time since I actually wrote and posted a Freestyle Friday on the Friday in question. Life has gotten the better of me the last few weeks, but I’m taking the advice of a valued mentor and not letting things stress me out or overwork me. Part of that includes making some time for me and my blog!

After the Education Workshop this weekend, life will return to normal for me–just the usual chaos. In the meantime, I wanted to make sure you had plenty of reading to tide you over. Take a moment to see where I’ve filled in the holes so far on my post a day challenge, and check back frequently for more quality posts you may have missed (because they weren’t there before…ahem).  I can’t wait to get started on some exciting projects I have coming up in the future. I will share more later, but for right now, just know that once this workshop has been successfully completed, I’ll be focused on doing big things here!

I bring to you Link Love for the week of March 18 (my mommy’s birthday :D)-March 24 (Thursday):

I’ve been really focused on running this week, since I’ve recently gotten back into attempting to run. As many of you know, I had a bad run on Monday. Marasimon on A Runner’s Life had a bad run as well, but she chose to look at it from a different perspective. While I’ve hesitated to call myself a runner, Laura of At Bleak December, asserts she is a runner (but she sometimes takes walk breaks). Steve Burns shared his memories of the L.A. marathon from the same year Rodney King was beaten in L.A., the same marathon Skinny Runner recaps on her blog. The thought of a marathon is too big and unwieldy to fit into my little head, so let’s move on to some dating and relationship posts…

You know that girl at the bar that appears to be brimming with confidence? What’s her deal? Jamie explores that girl on her blog As Jamie Writes it. There’s another girl at the bar: the one who knows more about sports and intimidates men. Her name is Deidree and she blogs at Help! I’m Post-Grad. There’s one question that both of these types of women at the bar have come to dread: “Can I Get Yo’ Numba?” IAmAwkward relates a funny story about this most dreaded question. Catherine, who writes Simply Solo, seems to take this whole “relationship” thing much more seriously; she is approaching it as a job interviewing process; she even has her dating resumé handy, just in case.  Amarieadhis poses the question “Should Women Propose to Men?” on her blog That Bad *&^%$. Finally, I’m sure many of you who get tired of hearing relationship advice sometimes want to say, “Take Your Own Advice“; SunnyDelyte21 says it on her blog Spoken Words & Thoughts. All of this relationship stuff is a little heavy on the romantic love, though. What about real friendship, self-reflection, inspiration, posts to live by?

Sunshine finally got to meet fellow blogger Renée in London, and discovered they got on “Like Old Friends.”  Decibelbelownormal explores the desire to go “From Adulthood to Kidulthood” from her friend’s perspective as well as her own on Decibelbelownormal. Culturesoup gets similarly introspective in the post “My 20s so far.” Life often doesn’t turn out the way we dream it would, so “Why Dream?” EvolvingElle contemplates this on Southern Girl in the City. Katias Double Life provided a double dose of spiritual encouragement with “Living Water” and “Reminder

If you haven’t checked out What is Black? Part 1 & Part 2 on EvolvingElle’s blog, you are missing out!

That’s all the link love I have for you on this Friday. What do you think of these posts? Feel free to comment, leave me some love, and refer a friend to this site and the sites highlighted. Have a great Friday!